Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1623: Weakness, excuses, and unusual behavior?

"Frey-san, do you want to go on a date with me?"

In an instant, the air froze.

Frey tripped first.

Charlotte, Raishin, and Yaya widened their mouths.

Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea also couldn't believe their ears.

Ikaros is stunned.

Natsuki is the only one who figured out what Wu Yan was trying to do. She sighed while tapping her head with her fan.

Wu Yan lifted Frey up by her elbow.

"Well? What do you say?"


Freya's mouth opened and closed as she shook her head. She looked beet red.



Wu Yan feigned disappointment.

"A rejection, eh?"


Frey explained herself.

"N-No, I can't leave the school without permission."


Wu Yan blinked.

"Your family?"

Frey nodded with a conflicted look.

"My father, he doesn't allow us to run around."

"It's just strolling around in the city."

Wu Yan chuckled.

"It should be fine, right?"

"Y-yeah, but."

Frey still looked flustered.

"I-I don't know..."

"Don't know?"

Wu Yan flinched.

"You mean, you don't know what a date is?"

Frey nodded in embarrassment.

"That's fine, just leave it to the man. You only need to sit back and enjoy yourself."


She isn't used to this kind of invitation.

This is usually where the lady comes up with an excuse or straight leave the man behind.

But, Wu Yan used his trump card.

"If you say yes then I will tell you Raishin's weakness, you want to assassinate him, right?"

Frey looked like that bait worked.


Raishin obviously had objections to this.


Ignoring him, Wu Yan lured Frey in like a wolf setting up the hare.

His smile looked like that of a villain.

"You get your wish fulfilled just by going on a little stroll with me, a good deal, no?"


She looked to Rabbi for opinion but the dog only wagged its tail with his usual look. That seemed to convince her though.


Frey bowed.

"Pl-Please let me go on a date with you."


The others had different thoughts.

"Thank you."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Okay, let's meet at the main gate tomorrow."


She latched onto Rabbi as the dog dashed away. She still looked like she wasn't too sure about the deal she made with him.

After Frey left, the others finally reacted.


Charlotte's fingers wavered.

"You like that big-boobie lady?!"


Nagisa huffed in anger.

"You asked another lady out on a date, in front of Nagisa?!"

"Dummy! Idiot! Perv! Playboy!"

Astrea yelled at him with her limited curse word vocabulary.

"Nee-san is right by your side!"

"Wu Yan-sensei, Yaya misjudged you."

Yaya told him off.

"Dating another human after ditching your automata. This is unacceptable."

"Your viewpoint is unacceptable."

Raishin slapped himself.

"Anyway, why did you use my weakness as the bargaining chip? How did you know? What is my weakness?"

Charlotte, Nagisa, Astrea, and Yaya are fuming over different points but Natsuki calmly watches everything unfold with her fan folded. She also made sure Kanon got out of the way by leading her to the side.

Charlotte, Nagisa, Astrea, and Yaya slammed Raishin away as they demanded explanations from the guy.

"Explain. Now. Buster."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed as he faced the fury of 4 scorned women.

"Okay, first off, I just got to know her today, do you really think this is a real date?"

"Okay, what about the invitation just now?'

Charlotte still didn't buy his story.

"Thinking up another excuse?"

"It is an excuse."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"I got questions for her."


Astrea tilted her head.



Wu Yan gave Ikaros a look.

"She looked like she had baggage to unload. Those baggage might have the answers I need. She didn't look like someone who could kill during the Walpurgis Night."


Nagisa nodded.

"I know it in my guts, she's a good girl."

"And, why are you meddling in her affairs?"

Charlotte said earnestly.

Charlotte had her own views on the matter, it's not about apathy.

She didn't want to know because if she knew her tragic backstory, she was afraid that she wouldn't take her down when the time came.

She knew she wouldn't be able to fight when she knew the tragic stories of her foes.

That's her kindness working against her. She must not be distracted, she must reach the final stage of the Walpurgis Night to claim the Satan title.

The less she knew, the better it was for her.

Raishin also turned grim.

He knew Frey must have some kind of reason to come after him. That's why he sought out Wu Yan and Charlotte first.

Raishin hesitated as he had the same motivations as Charlotte.

Wu Yan had a victorious smile.

"Oh, too bad for you two, I don't need the Satan title."

Wu Yan looked in the direction Frey left as he grappled with his own thoughts.

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