Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1613: Trust one another, that's the secret


Astrea's eyes lit up when she saw the feast. She dashed for the food.

"I am famished!"


Ikaros ignored Astrea. She grabbed a sandwich to pass to Wu Yan.

"Thanks, Ikaros..."

He rubbed her head. She also mellowed out like a cat basking in the sun.

Wu Yan chomped down on the sandwich. He eyed the food before asking a question that popped into his head.

"Who made these?"

"Kanon, Ikaros, and I made it together!"

Nagisa stood with arms akimbo.

"Well, how is it?"

"It's pretty good..."

Wu Yan praised.

"The taste is a bit over the top. If you held back on the seasonings I would give you a 9/10."

"Is it?"

Nagisa bit into one of the sandwiches.

"I heard they like it heavier on the seasonings in this part of England. Nagisa's probably just following the local practice."


Astrea shoved a sandwich into her mouth.

"It's great!"


Wu Yan grinned.

"I bet anything edible is tasty to you."


Ikaros asked anxiously.

"Don't you like it?"

"Of course, not."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"I like it a bit more balanced in terms of condiments and seasonings. But, if Ikaros likes to pile on the sauces then I don't mind following too!"


Ikaros shook her head.

"Ikaros likes what Master likes..."

"Oh, you..."

He rubbed Ikaros' head again.


Kanon passed a platter of pastries to him.

"Try this, these are more bland."


"Sensei, you want some tea, right?"

Nagisa took out a pot of tea.

"Nagisa prepared some but I am still learning from Kanon and Ikaros. Don't blame me if the tea isn't up to par."

"I appreciate the gesture."

Natsuki looked at Nagisa with an elder sister's gaze.

This is a nice contrast to her usual cool demeanour so Wu Yan couldn't help but watch them interact more.

Looks like this legal loli knows when to show her soft spots as well.

Natsuki used a frosty gaze on Wu Yan.

"You, I know you're thinking about something rude.”

“Are you sure you don't have mind-reading magic? I am sure you're good at more than just space magic."

Charlotte watched as Wu Yan teased his ladies.


Charlotte approached him.

"You're very close with your dolls."


He turned back nonchalantly.

"I am sure it's the same, you treat Sigmund like family, no?"

"No, it's not the same."

Charlotte shook her head.

"Sigmund watched me grow up, he even bathed me when I was small. Sigmund is like a father figure to me."

"I see."

Wu Yan looked at the dragon.

"You have it tough. Sigmund, you have to take care of this selfish girl."

"Oh, yeah... she might look as tough as nail but she's just a little girl deep inside."

Sigmund mused out loud.

"I bet you wouldn't peg her as someone who only grew out of her family roleplay when she's 15."


Charlotte shrieked.

"I am turning your chicken lunch into nato beans!"

"I am not a bird, Charl, my body can't digest beans."

Wu Yan & co laughed out loud.

"Lady Charlotte."

Kanon motioned.

"Come, sit, enjoy food with us."


She bashfully shook her head.

"I think I will pass."

"Don't do that..."

He grabbed her by the hands.

"The one who made the food would like it if you happily ate the food. Don't hurt Kanon, Nagisa, and Ikaros' feelings just because you're shy."


Charlotte sat down.

Her eyes lit up when she tasted the sandwich.

"It's good."


Nagisa chuckled.

"Eat more then!"

"I-I will."

She fidgeted like a shy kid at the neighbour's house.

But, this is to be expected.

She is feared by most and despised by some in the school.

She's just not used to kindness.

"You're growing stronger."

Charlotte suddenly blurted out.

"It's almost the Walpurgis Night, presently, I will lose if I fight you."

Wu Yan continued.

"You're surrendering?"

Charlotte would usually fire off a snappy rebuttal. But, she stayed silent and replied plainly this time.

"How? How can a freshman be so powerful that he can suppress Magnus? Now, I am starting to understand."

Charlotte roamed her gaze over Natsuki who was silently drinking tea.

She looked at Nagisa who is brewing tea gleefully.

She also saw how Ikaros was ready to serve Wu Yan by offering her basket of food.

She also glanced at Kanon who was sorting the food tediously.

Finally, she looked at Astrea who is happily lapping up the food.

"You trust your dolls."

Charlotte analyzed.

"That's why you're so strong."

Puppeteers can control their automata.

However, automata have their own consciousness and will. If they're out of sync, the magic power and stamina of the Puppeteer will be easily drained.

That's what Charlotte meant.

They trust each other so much that there's no resistance between them. They trust each other fully and that's why Wu Yan's skill as a puppeteer advanced by leaps and bounds.

Charlotte can't help but think about Sigmund's advice.

"Trust him to the end..."

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