Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1612: Improvement, a solid step forward

In a clearing deep in the forests bordering the main campus of Walpurgis Academy.

"Luster Cannon—!"

Charlotte's yell filled the air.

A dazzling ray of light flew across the sky. The laser cannon was aimed at an angel with white wings. Said angel intercepted the cannon with her photon sword.

Astrea calmly responded with a ferocious slash that split the laser apart, snuffing it out with sheer power.

Charlotte inhaled in trepidation.

Gram is a spell of annihilation. That photon sword deflected and diminished her spell of annihilation?


"No time for idle thoughts, Charl..."

A voice that sounded like he was playing with Charl reverberated around her. Then, magic streamed into Astrea.


Astrea appeared in a flash as she chopped down. This was a dragon-beheading sword move.


Charlotte immediately ordered a retreat as she gave her pet dragon a burst of magic power.


Using the turning momentum, the dragon whipped at Astrea and her Photon sword.


The giant and heavy tail swipe created sparks when it collided with her photon blade.

Then, a giant shockwave erupted between them.

Astrea momentarily lost her balance while Sigmund staggered dozens of meters back. His tail is also badly damaged with blood oozing out of the contact point where the Photon sword had touched him.

Wu Yan with his massive magic power reserve charged Astrea up for another attack.

In an instant, her photon sword's input skyrocketed again.

Charlotte knew this wasn't the time to gawk so she immediately followed with her next move.

Sigmund's body expanded when Charlotte gave him more energy. In an instant, the dragon charged up another attack.

Astrea already reached them at this point, she swung her blade down.

"Luster Cannon!"

At the same time, Sigmund shot at Astrea at close range.

Astrea predicted this, her sword path intercepted the laser cannon.


Dust and flames exploded outward from the two combatants.

The plains were badly scorched by the two explosive attacks.

Astrea flew out of the dust cloud while chasing Charlotte and Sigmund.

She swung her blade once more.


Wu Yan ordered her. She stopped just short of touching Sigmund's torso.

"That is the end of today's session."

The photon sword backed away, the closest it got to Sigmund was two inches.


Astrea flapped her wings happily.

"I won!"


Charlotte grabbed her head as she denied her situation.

"Why did I lose? Why can't I win?! How did she bat my Luster Cannon away?!"

Her photon blade should have been reduced to nothing by her ray of destruction.

That shouldn't have been possible.

"Oh, you did, I just made sure the blade regenerated faster than you can destroy it."

Wu Yan explained to the sulking Charlotte.

"Astrea can manipulate photons. No matter how you destroy her blade, she can always regenerate them. If she regenerated faster than you can destroy her blade then the end result is your ray being forced away by the regenerated sword."

He's speaking in half-truth.

Astrea's blade is made of photons. She can't manipulate photons directly.

Her blade did regenerate, however, that is the truth.

If nobody destroyed her hilt then that blade of light can be reforged no matter how many times it was destroyed.

"Such a thing..."

Charlotte shrieked.

"I demand a rematch!"

"Yes... I bet you wish you could!"

Wu Yan rolled his eyes.

"Lunch is almost over, you still want to spare when we haven't eaten?"


Charlotte groaned.

"At least use two of your dolls, otherwise, I don't know if I improved or not."

"I am also improving, you know."

Wu Yan turned to Ikaros, Nagisa, Natsuki, and Kanon. They were chilling in the shade over there.

"Better luck next time."

While not at her level, Wu Yan's mastery of Puppetry and control skills are improving.

He devised the super-fast regen to smack Sigmund's annihilation beam away.

Wu Yan took control of Astrea at that time with manual override.

Astrea couldn't have thought of such a finely-tuned plan.

Manual Override is proof that he improved his Puppetry skills.

Charlotte jumped down from her pet dragon. The shrunken dragon perched on her shoulders, she joined the shade too.

Ikaros, Nagisa, and Kanon were sitting on a nice picnic carpet. Natsuki was also with them.

In front of them, there were plates of saliva-inducing food.


This was like a banquet in the middle of the forest.

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