Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1614: Ikaros and soy sauce

Tortoise shell dormitory

Nagisa, Ikaros, and Kanon stopped at the same time.


Kanon stopped Wu Yan who was planning to head to his room by catching the corner of his left sleeve.

"Head back with Natsuki-sensei and Astrea. We have to go to the kitchen."

"Go to the kitchen?"

Wu Yan turned around with a puzzled look.

"What for?"

"To fulfill our end of the bargain."

Nagisa giggled.

"We agreed to help out in the kitchen in exchange for letting us use the kitchen this morning."

Wu Yan & Natsuki got the gist of it. This answered the question of where they got the materials for the picnic.

There are only adequate machinery and materials in the cafeteria.

Because the school covers food, the students don't need to buy or keep kitchen apparatus. This is the same even in the decked-out suites of the top students.

Natsuki and Wu Yan wanted to ask them where they got the food from.


Astrea raised her arm.

"Let me help!"


Nagisa scratched her cheeks.

"But, Astrea, you can't even fold clothes, can you be of any help, like, at all?"

Astrea clenched her fists defiantly.

"As the close-combat Angeloid, I can do mere human tasks. I will learn it in no time at all!"


Nagisa and Kanon weren't sure if they should take her seriously.


Ikaros spoke up.

"Astrea helped me in the kitchen before."


Wu Yan was taken aback.

"Since Astrea helped out before, it should be fine."

Then, Ikaros finished what she wanted to say.

"That day, nobody had any food."

Ikaros calmly continued.

"Astrea split the kitchen in half with her photon sword."


Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon looked at Wu Yan.


Wu Yan grabbed onto Astrea.

"Why don't we leave this to Ikaros and the ladies?!"


Astrea grumbled.


"I am the best at chores!"

Nagisa wryly grinned.

"Leave it to me!"

"I-I also know how to do chores!"

Kanon hurriedly interjected.

Ikaros couldn't help but open her mouth.

"If you want to help you ca-mffh!"

Kanon and Nagisa shut her yap.

"Okay, I leave it to you ladies!"

Wu Yan grabbed Astrea and left before any further changes to the status quo.

"Say my name inside your mind if you need my help. I can hear your cries for help with the telepathy formations I engraved in you."

Astrea was pouting when Wu Yan dragged her away.

Natsuki looked at Ikaros, Nagisa, and Kanon before sighing.

"Alright, don't stay out late, finish quickly and come home."

"Okay, Sensei!"

Nagisa and Kanon replied obediently. Ikaros also nodded.

Natsuki turned to walk to her room.

"Okay, I am going to the kitchen with Kanon."

Nagisa waved her hand.

"Ikaros, go buy some materials."


Ikaros tilted her head.



Kanon reminded her.

"They asked us to help buy soysauce."


Ikaros stopped.

"Okay, understood."

"Good, I am putting you in charge."

Kanon and Nagisa giggled as they walked to the kitchen.


Ikaros said the name of the material again before leaving the dorm.

The sky is turning red as the dark night approaches.

Students are filling the streets to give it a bustling vibe.

Ikaros' white and red knight-like uniform attracted the attention of the students.. Her mellow expression against the faint glow of the setting sun painted a picture so entrancing that they wondered if they were gazing upon a goddess who had fallen from the perches of the high heavens. They fell speechless in awe.

"So dazzling..."

"She's like an angel..."

"Who is she? What year is she in? I want her classroom number."

"That knight uniform... Where have I seen it?"

"I remember now! That's the uniform of the Crimson Eye, his automata wear that uniform!"

The guys around them all froze in terror when they heard the name.

While some of them are curious, most of them are intimidated. Ikaros continued walking without paying them any mind.

Ikaros stopped suddenly.

Buying soy sauce?


Ikaros is a bit used to this campus but she never explored it much due to always eating at the cafeteria. Heck, the other students would probably be hard-pressed if they were asked about where to buy soy sauce.

Ikaros didn't know whether people sold say sauce here or where to find one.

"Radar... Deploy..."

Ikaros' UI shook for a moment.

Nothing happened.

Ikaros is stunned again.

"No... Magic power..."

Yes, her abilities are restricted to being an automaton. This means her level 69 powers are effectively sealed and she's no different than a human.

Wu Yan is also not by her side.

Ikaros is at her wits' end.

Wu Yan said she could contact with the telepathy formation he engraved in her. She also knew how to use it.

If Ikaros asked, Wu Yan wouldn't just send mana, he would personally rush over.

Ikaros didn't want to trouble him.

A young lady walked over to her while as she was stuck in this predicament.

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