Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1597: Warning and Advice

It's too clean.

It's like somebody scrubbed away all leads on Cannibal Candy. Aside from the wreckage of automata which were maybe too heavy and too damaged to move around.

This is Walpurgis Academy.

If Cannibal Candy is a killer stuck inside a prison then it shouldn't take the Academy too long to sniff out a rat.

This handiwork is just too clean for a serial killer stuck inside the academy.

It's like getting away with murder inside a police station. The victims' blood were never found, it was like they vanished.

If this was an inside job then that would explain why the killer can stay hidden for so long.

Transferring the missing students out of the school is also not a likely option.

Hiding the victims in school will also involve access to restrictive areas where people wouldn't even begin to search.

However, if the management or security or Discipline Committee really put their backs on it, where on campus could the killer hide?

One can conclude that the higher-ups aren't taking the investigation seriously.

Worse, they could be colluding with the Cannibal Candy.

Alternatively, the Cannibal Candy is one of the individuals in these three parties.

Going up against Cannibal Candy means going against the authority.

A student would be fighting an uphill battle in this case.

An insider can sabotage the investigation.

Charlotte felt like she was going nowhere and rightfully so.

"Cannibal Candy wouldn't be punished even if caught?"

"That's too bleak."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"The killer might have helpers but the killer is far from untouchable, if the killer is immune to punishment then I fear for this Academy's future."

"You mean..."

"If we can drag the killer out into the light, the Academy will cut all ties with the killer?"

"Well, just be prepared to face the saboteurs."

Wu Yan poured cold water on her.

"This is my advice to you, don't go after the Cannibal Candy."

Charlotte turned grim.



He nudged her.

"You're one of the suspect for Cannibal Candy."


Charlotte shrieked in anger.

"Why?! I would never do anything like that!"

"That's what you'd think."

Wu Yan calmly pointed it out.

"The victims of Cannibal Candy have molten damage on the automata."

"Your Automaton, Sigmund's Magic Circuit appears to be able to do something similar, right?"


Charlotte wanted to interrupt him but Wu Yan shut her up.

"Now, you're forgetting something if you want to say there are other Circuits that can do the same thing."

"The Automata had their Circuits stolen."

Wu Yan sighed.

"What if someone stashed multiple circuits in your room? How would that look?"

Charlotte turned pale.

"I heard your father's an avid automata collector. Your father also likes hanging out with various automata."

Wu Yan looked at the sky.

"One day, a boy from a distinguished noble family came for a visit. The boy was bitten by a dog-type automaton. That mistake is something the royal family used to persecute your family and revoke your status. Your automata were also destroyed in the process."

"Those automata, their circuits..."

Wu Yan closed his eyes.

"I am guessing you used your scholarship money to buy them back and stashed them in your room, right?"


Her lips also paled.

"What would people think if they linked the Modus Operandi of Cannibal Candy and the suspicious amount of circuits in your room? Won't they suspect you?"

Wu Yan roamed his gaze over her.

"If the True Cannibal Candy knows this then it would be easy to frame it all on you while roping in some of the higher-ups from the school. How would you counter?"

She would no doubt be thrown into jail.

Charlotte went limp as she sat on the ground. She didn't question how Wu Yan knew she hid circuits in her room.

"This is why you tried to imply that the higher-ups covered up the incidents, right? To move attention away from her."

Sigmund bitterly laughed.

"Sorry, that must have been hard on you."

"Yeah, well, those were just baseless hypotheses, if people found the circuits in her room then the accusations I threw out this morning would be useless."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Charlotte, think carefully, don't do something that would make you lose it all."

"Oh, one more thing."

Wu Yan turned around.

"Those who try to get close to you? I think you should vet them as they all have their own goals, some are not as benign as they make it out to be."

Wu Yan entered his dorm while Charlotte digested what he told her just now.

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