Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1596: Something to say? A meeting in the dark

It's night

Inside the old-looking Tortoise dorm, there is a redecorated luxurious room where Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea were happily giggling the night away. They were wearing pajamas too.

Natsuki sat on the sofa near the wall as she enjoyed her red tea.

Ikaros was rubbing a watermelon while keeping her eyes on the door to the bathroom.

If the other students knew there were 5 incredibly beautiful ladies in this room, they would be livid with jealousy wishing they were the occupants of this room.

Although the five ladies had different styles, nobody could argue that they were beauties in their own rights.

This room is a heaven in the middle of the hell of mediocrity.

Wu Yan is quite pleased with his life here.

Not only can he watch the ladies have fun, but he even got to sleep with at least 1 of the 5 ladies he brought into this universe. This is because there were only 2 beds in the room, which could only house 4 ppl at most, excluding Astrea and Ikaros who had no biological reason to sleep, the remaining lady must share the bed with him.

Natsuki would rather die before sharing the same bed with Wu Yan in front of so many witnesses. Meanwhile, Nagisa is too shy to sleep in the same bed as Wu Yan so most of the time, he got Kanon as his bedmate.

If one were to ask Wu Yan, he actually preferred sleeping with Hinagiku and Mikoto.

Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon are still virgins so Wu Yan can't be too lax with his night life in this universe.

Ikaros watched as the bathroom's door slowly opened.

"I am done bathing..."

Wu Yan sighed in pleasure as he rubbed off the last lock of wet hair.

"Who's next?"


Nagisa, Astrea, and Kanon raised their arms.

"We're going in together."

Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea grabbed their clothes and towels before making a beeline for the bathroom.


He heard something from outside the window.


Ikaros raised her guard as her eyes turned red.


He blocked Ikaros before she did anything out of turn.

"An assassin wouldn't be dumb enough to alert us so easily."

Wu Yan pulled open the drapes and he unfurled the window to his room.

At almost the same time, a pebble shot straight for his face. He caught it just in time with his right hand.


Someone yelped down there.

Sigmund and Charlotte were down there. Charlotte seemed a bit surprised that Wu Yan caught the misfire.

She was the one who threw pebbles at his window.


He looked down at Charlotte.

"What's with this prank? You got some grudge with me? Why're you knocking on my window so late at night?"

"It's not a prank!"

Charlotte huffed.

"I got something to say."


He looked at Natsuki.

Natsuki simply nodded as she continued enjoying her tea.


Wu Yan answered.

"I will go."

"Kept you waiting, eh?"

Wu Yan went to Charlotte who was squatting there.

Charlotte froze when she saw Wu Yan in his loose-fitting garment.

She motioned for Wu Yan to sit next to her.

"Sorry about today."

Charlotte apologized.

Wu Yan asked.

"What's there to say sorry about?"

"Think, we didn't exchange a lot of words today."

Charlotte used up her apology instantly with that provocative line.

"Didn't I outline our relationship in front of Felix today?"

Charlotte turned her face the other way.

"I didn't do that on purpose."

"Oh, that?'

Wu Yan shrugged.

"No harm no foul, you didn't have to apologize."

"Just accept Charl's apology."

Sigmund interrupted.

"CHarl almost forgot to eat dinner over this matter."


Charlotte warned him.

"Keep talking and you're going to get popcorns instead of chicken meat tomorrow, buster."

Charlotte fidgeted a bit after meeting gaze with Wu Yan.

Wu Yan tilted his head.

"What's wrong?"


"You wanna try that again? Would it kill you to be honest with yourself a bit more?"

"It's not like that!"

Charlotte shrieked again.

"Anyway, you were saying that the Discipline Committee are in cahoots with Cannibal Candy, right?"

"I implied that someone from either the management of the school, the security team, or the Disciplinary Committee are sabotaging the investigative efforts. Rather, it's highly likely that Cannibal Candy is someone from within these powerful groups."

Wu Yan looked at Charlotte.

"I didn't specifically say it's only the Disciplinary Committee."

"But, it could be someone from there, right?"

Charlotte turned grim.


"...Certainly, if you look at how the students disappeared without a trace, it's just not possible..."

Wu Yan changed the subject.

"Like I said, body disposals are where killers usually screw up. However, the victims disappeared without a trace with no clues to be found anywhere on campus."

"Regardless of whether the victims are still alive, it's just not possible to make so many people vanish. The killer is either hiding them in school or forcing the students to transfer. I lean more on the hiding theory, it's likely that the victims are hidden in a place students can't enter."

Wu Yan continued.

"As you know, this campus has very strict border controls, no rats can move in or out of the school, especially not without leaving a trace. The victims must be held in areas where students are forbidden to enter, only those with authority can access those areas, right?"

"As long as the school delegated this power, any individual with access to those areas could technically make people vanish without a trace by hiding them."

Charlotte turned silent.

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