Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1598: Which side are you on?

Walpurgis Royal Academy, Gryphon dorm

This is one of the female dorms here.

It's where the high-achievers among the female students stayed.

Compared to the Tortoise dorm, this place is a mansion.

The garden is well-kept, the stone-paved path was made by famous artist with the staircase exuding elegance no matter the angle of view.

Only by walking up one flight of stair can a guest reach the main door of the dorm.

In one of the spacious rooms of this opulent dorm is a certain blonde lady who hugged her knees while thinking deep about her options. As the moonlight showered her lonesome figure, the air around her took on a poignant vibe.

Charlotte isn't as outstanding as Magnus.

Charlotte couldn't get her own house and research lab.

However, her current room is already a cut above what the other students enjoyed.

It's two times bigger than a room in the Tortoise dorm. This place also had two king-size beds and a large table enough to sit 4 people. There are also furniture to accommodate group studying and a few bookshelves to complete the set. The room even had two sofas.

For a person, this is already too wasteful.

She stayed alone because she always picked a fight with whoever they assigned to her. She also did her best to make sure she became the social outcast.

It's also part of the reason why students stayed clear of her when they saw her.

She would always try to solve her problems with violence and that garnered her the title of Tyrant Rex.

If they saw Tyrant Rex' current crestfallen look, they would probably find it hard to believe.

Sigmund watched silently over Charlotte.

She looked at one of the wooden wardrobe in her room.

With another sigh, she picked herself up before slowly opening the wardrobe.

Inside, there are various jars containing mechanical hearts.

Wires were connected to the jars and hearts holding the Eve Hearts.

She bought the Magic Circuits of her dismantled Automata.

Her house used to be a famous Puppeteer Noble house.

However, when one of her dog automaton bit a high-ranking noble, the royals punished her by revoking the House's Nobility and Land.

Other than Sigmund, the rest of her automata were dismantled.

She bought the hearts of the dismantled dolls back with her own scholarship money and other incentives.

However, these hearts might make her a prime suspect as the Cannibal Candy.

A social outcast, a trouble-maker, and a violent student, those are enough to make people suspicious of her.  Compared to insiders of the school, she was the easier scapegoat.

It's easy to frame her for anything.

Probably, the students already suspected her.

"I just wanted to live with my family again."

Charlotte mumbled as if she's protesting to God.

"Is that too much to ask?"

"No, you're not wrong."

Sigmund flew over.

"However, if you continue like this, people will start thinking you're Cannibal Candy."


She shook her head.

"I don't know how he found out but nobody else should know. As long as nobody sniffs around my room, I won't become a scapegoat."

Being a social outcast meant that people don't visit her.

Who would know that she stashed her dismantled automata heart and circuits here?

Sigmund's silence caused anxiety to stir inside Charlotte.

"What? I know you're worried about something."

Sigmund voiced his concern.

"Wu Yan gave you a clue veiled as advice."

"An advice?"

"Beware of those who approach you, they have other motives."

Charlotte chuckled.

"Other than him, who would..."

Charlotte suddenly realized something.

The mien of a certain someone appeared in her mind.

There is another man who approached her.

She slowly trembled.


She shook her head.

"I-It can't be, he...."

Sigmund grabbed Charlotte's arms.

"Calm down, Charl..."

The pain caused Charlotte to return to her senses.

However, she is still panicked.


Charlotte hugged Sigmund tightly.

"That can't be..."

"I don't know."

"However, it's his words against your beliefs. You need to pick a side."

"Who to trust?"

"Yes, that's the key question."

Sigmund nodded.

"One of them is someone who trained with you, ate with you, gave you advice while having no stakes in your troubles but you only met him recently."

"Another is one who helped you before and is trying his best to get close to you. However, you don't know his true motives."

"Now, who are you going to believe?'

Charlotte lowered her head.

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