Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1588: Unaware of one's power? Want to duel me?

Walpurgis Academy, Main street…

It’s now about half an hour before classes start. However, hundreds of students gathered on the street clamoring over something.

There is a male student with an automaton dressed in black Hafuku confronting someone else.

Yaya and Raishin are now in a similar situation as when Wu Yan & co enrolled in the academy.

The one standing in opposition is a male student with a cape and silver mask. He exuded an oppressive aura while two automata ladies in black funeral clothing stood near him.

They’re here to challenge the number 1 student.

A new student is here to confront the No. 1 again. Magnus was challenged by the duo.

If it wasn’t for Wu Yan’s achievement a few days ago, the students would have laughed Raishin out of the academy for his foolish and naive move.

However, Wu Yan created the precedent of a new student beating the No.1 Naturally, the students gave Raishin more benefit of the doubt than usual.

In a corner, students stayed clear of a certain female student.

She is the one with the epithet of Tyrant Rex.

“Fool, how utterly foolish, it’s almost laughable…”

The dragon gave Charlotte’s identity away, she silently mocked Raishin’s futile attempt.

“Why are all the new students so reckless, don’t they have anyone else to challenge other than the no.1?”

“Don’t say that, Charl…”

The dragon, Sigmund shook its head.

“Perhaps that young one is as capable as that person. Maybe, he is also one with tremendous battle prowess…?”

“You honestly believe there are so many monsters in this world?”

Charlotte huffed.

“I wonder what kind of place gave birth to a monster that ranked last but could give the no.1 ranker student a run for his money.”


Sigmund sold his mistress out.

“After all, you went and checked out that monster’s rank, sacrificing your training time in the process, right?”

“I didn’t do it on purpose.”

Charlotte denied.

“I-I was thinking about resting and he just happened to be in the area.”

“Oh, really?”

Sigmund obviously didn’t believe her at all.

“Okay, why did you have to keep tabs on his dorm and room number?”

“S-So I know where to find him when I need a sparring partner!”

“Okay, why did you write all the details down in a notebook?”

“T-To prepare for the Night Party.”

“But, he’s not a Night Party participant…”

“You shut your lizard mouth!”

She slapped the dragon.

“Don’t make me swap out your chicken meat for corn!”

Sigmund dodged the slap and he delivered a lethal counter.

“You’re interested in that lad, right?”


Charlotte yelled out loud.

“I don’t have degenerate feelings for him!”

“Degenerate feelings?”

A voice rang behind her.

“Who has degenerate feelings for whom?”

Wu Yan arrived with 5 ladies in different clothes.


Charlotte couldn’t react to Wu Yan’s new outfit.

Charlotte recovered swiftly but the sight of his ladies in red and white clothes stunned her again.

Not just her, but the other students near them were also astounded by Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon.

They already had stellar looks. The clothes gave them the sternness of military officers while not taking away from their fairy beauty.

Charlotte couldn’t hold back her praise.

“You have 5 amazing automata, I wonder what you did in your past life to receive such good karma…”

“Please, you flatter me…”

Swish swish swish

As if on cue, a few silhouettes dashed out.

Magnus’ automata appeared in front of Raishin.

The automata held Raishin hostage by the throat with six different weapons.

It looked like what happened last time except there are no Chains of Commandment to stop the weapons.

Yaya is too scared to move. She was afraid that one wrong move would result in the death of Raishin.

Raishin is also petrified by the situation.

This outcome was expected.

The newcomer got curb-stomped by Magnus.

“As expected, he is a fool.”

Charlotte snorted.

“If Magnus lost so easily, the Satan title wouldn’t be so hard to get.”

“He is careless.”

Wu Yan frowned as he advised Magnus.

“Let him go, Magnus.”

The area turned silent.

They looked at Magnus and then Wu Yan. They looked at his entourage of beautiful female automata.

Magnus also kept his eyes on Wu Yan.

Magnus’ automata raised their guards after identifying Wu Yan.

The temperature fell as the two stared each other down.

Magnus is the first one to look away. The automata also immediately returned to Magnus’ side to protect him.

“Let’s go.”

Magnus said as he moved away with the automata forming a meat barrier around him.

The students finally felt free enough to breathe.

Raishin looked at Magnus while huffing. He turned to Wu Yan.

“Fight me!”

The students stopped clamoring.

Seeing as Raishin is serious this time. He decided to respond kindly to his resolve.

Wu Yan nodded firmly.

“As you wish…”

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