Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1589: Difference, chances, and temporary stalemate

Walpurgis Academy, training grounds

Here, the students can test their skills and duel each other to improve their skills or settle their disputes.

It is about time for classes but there are dozens of students gathered here.

With the greenery around the arena as the backdrop, students huddled in groups of twos and threes, most of them were busy chatting up a storm.

Wu Yan, Natsuki, Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon stood on one side while Raishin took the other side with Yaya by her side.

Raishin roamed his gaze over Ikaros, Astrea, Nagisa, Kanon, and Natsuki. His gaze was stern with consternation.

“So, it was true. The rumor of a newbie with 5 automata who took down the One-man-army Magnus with his skills and automata.”

“Rather than an army, my squad is more like a squad.”

Wu Yan lightly chuckled.

“It seems like you did your homework. Did news of my exploit spread that quickly?”

“Well, you’re very famous.”

Raishin grinned.

“I am just a half-baked fighter. If I did my preparations, I would stand a chance.”

“Oh, you mean, you were thinking about defeating me this whole time?”

He grinned back

“Why? I thought I told you I am not joining the Night Party?”

“I don’t know my own limits, guess I am just a fool.”

Raishin stuck his index finger and middle finger together in a weird hand sign. He let his other arm fall to the side.

“I have my own goals and I don’t stand much chance at my current level. Please, show me the level of power I need to achieve my goals, show me!”


He gave him a confident smile.

“My partner is the world’s best automaton!”

Raishin manifested a magic circle. He was charging Yaya up with his mana.

Yaya opened her eyes as she glowed like a spirit in human skin. Her harmless aura took on a more dangerous vibe. The surrounding air also vibrated a bit.

Yaya: Level 62

Wu Yan silently shook his head.

Yaya is without a doubt, a top-tier automaton.

One of the best in existence.

He knew about her existence as the most prized creation of the Setsugetsuka Collection. She is the Moon of the Snow, Moon, and Flowers collection.

There are dolls on her level but there are no dolls above her tier.

Yaya is a powerful automaton, he doesn't question that.

Her powers weren't limited to Level 62.

It is at level 62 because Raishin can't fully exhibit her actual abilities.

"I will say it again, I only won in a quick duel against Magnus. I only got lucky that time."

Wu Yan said as he looked at the sky.

"If Magnus used all his dolls and he had the chance to use their Magic Circuits, I might have to fight seriously. It wouldn't have ended with just the mobilization of two of my dolls. Moreover, I used their Magic Circuits last time."

"Again, I cannot stress this enough, I don't know who is stronger, Magnus or me in a no-limits duel with each side using their full powers."

He looked at Raishin with a grin.

"But, I am not one to shy away from challengers..."

He said as mana burst out of his body. The mana seeped into Astrea.

Astrea lit up for a second and her skin temporarily turned translucent. The magic power from Wu Yan unlocked her innate abilities.

Astrea knew it was time to shine.

Astrea jumped forward in a sonic boom. It took her no time at all to reach Yaya. She swung her laser sword down at Yaya.


Raishin reacted in time.

He forcefully used more magic to manually control Yaya.

Automata can move on their own.

They have personalities, wits, and the ability to make decisions and act on plans.

Manual Operation means forcefully controlling the doll.

He used this move because Yaya was stunned by the speed of the fight.

He forced her to back off as the laser sword missed her nose by inches.

Raishin and Yaya froze up.

Astrea disappeared in a blur despite missing her strike.


Raishin felt a disturbance in the air around him.

A laser sword appeared in his field of vision.

This time, it was a straight lunge with the tip aimed at his head.

Astrea stopped just before touching Raishin's head. He could feel the frosty air emanating from her photon blade. The air was tinged with killing intent.

Astrea stared at Raishin as multiple lines of data streamed past her eyes.


Yaya stopped when she saw Astrea holding Raishin by the tip of her blade.

Raishin's eyes wavered but it soon turned into one of calm surrender.

He was taken down by Magnus' six dolls in an instant.

Against Wu Yan, he was defeated by one Automaton. In both fights, he lost in one bout.

Now, he has an idea of the chasm of skill difference between him and the top students.

He bitterly laughed.

"I admit my loss."

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