Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1587

When the sunlight lit up the world, Walpurgis Academy started turning busy once more.

There is a dorm situated at a lonely corner of the academy.

It looked like an inn in size and it had a courtyard in front of it.

The trees and flowers in the garden slowly danced when a breeze blew by. The aged stone of the pavement suggested that this building had a long history.

Although this dorm was old, the design was still better than the cheap inns seen outside the academy.

It is actually a liveable dorm if you ignore the small size relative to other better-built dorms.

This is the Tortoise Dormitory.

The dorm for the students who ranked near the bottom.

The students who are here are treated like second-class citizens at this academy.

However, as the Walpurgis Academy is one of the best schools in the world, even the bare minimum treatment is better than what people can expect outside of the school.

The dorm room is bigger than the living room of a bungalow house. It comes complete with furniture, two beds, and bookracks. Indeed, this dorm is more like a middle-class inn than the worst dorm.

Granted, the smell here could use a little fix-me-up as the musty smell of stale air filled the air while dust covered the floor.

The ceiling is also cracked in some places.

Wu Yan knew because he was assigned to such a room.

Naturally, he had something to say about the place so now the place turned out different.

The ceiling was plastered along with repairs to the wall. His room looked sparkling clean while the light was also brighter here.

The dust on the floor was cleaned and the wood looked very polished. He also changed the rugs and curtains to a fancier design. His room is now decked out like the room of a rich kid from a distinguished family.

He also added more furniture to the room along with Bonsais and other floral decorations. His room smelled like the garden and it soothed the hearts of any guests or visitors.

It is all thanks to Nagisa, Kanon, and Ikaros that this room transformed into a 5-star presidential suite.

Nagisa had serious mysophobia.

She was appalled by the musty smell, dust, and cracked old dorm room.

Nagisa led Ikaros and Kanon into the battle against the dirty dorm room.

They cleaned the room, and bought paint and other repair materials to fix up the ceiling and the walls. They also made sure to redecorate the whole place.

Natsuki was in charge of gathering furniture, Bonsais, vases, rugs, and curtains for the room.

Although she looked like a kid approaching her teenage years, this lady lived a lavish life back on Itogami Island.

She knew what to buy and how to decorate the room.

Although Natsuki didn’t mind the room at first, she figured that she could rope in Astrea with her shopping trip so she thought she might as well get this over and done with.

Plus, Wu Yan was a walking money bag so money wasn’t an issue.

After turning a gold coin into a stack of fiat money, the 5 ladies set out on an epic trip of equally magnificent house-flipping journey.

They succeeded in making this room one of the most beautiful dorm rooms on the campus.

Typically, the dorm room is assigned to two students. This is why there are two beds here.

However, a male roommate would present many challenges to Wu Yan and his life with his harem.

So, he spoke to the dorm supervisor so that the room would be exclusively his while making sure the school wouldn’t assign a roommate to him.

The supervisor is also more than happy to oblige.

The passionate response is probably a result of him fighting Magnus to a standstill. No one dared to mess with him.

With the aptitude test behind him, Wu Yan is officially a Walpurgis student.

Ikaros, Natsuki, Astrea, Nagisa, and Kanon lined up to see Wu Yan dressed in the school’s badass uniform.

He came out of the fitting room with a white shirt and the black coat that male students wore. He opened his arms wide.

“Well, how do I look?”

“It suits you very much! Sensei!”

Nagisa is the first one to yell out loud.

“It feels weird to see Sensei dressed up like a student.”

“That’s why you should drop the sensei title. It would hit anyone as odd if they heard you calling me a teacher when I am just a student.”

He beamed at Nagisa and Kanon.

“Just call me by my name.”

“F-First name basis?”

Nagisa and Kanon, clearly flustered, exchanged weird looks.


Kanon fidgeted.

“It feels weird.”


Nagisa tried calling his name before trying to hide her red cheeks in embarrassment.

“No!!! Nagisa’s not bold enough for that!”

“Okay, why not call him Master just like Ikaros and I?!”

Astrea chimed in.

“That way, everyone would be the same!”

“Don’t include me in that.”

Natsuki scoffed.

“I will never call you Master!”

“Yeah, I didn’t think you would.”

Wu Yan shrugged before teasing Nagisa and Kanon.

“How about this, call me Onii-chan.”


Nagisa jumped back.

“Isn’t that even more embarrassing?”


Kanon mewled softly.

“If that would make Onii-san happy then… I-I don’t mind…”

“It’s settled then!”

Wu Yan smiled.

“Nagisa and Kanon, call me ONii-chan from now on!”

Nagisa and Kanon turned beet red.


Ikaros tugged Wu Yan’s sleeve. Her eyes were gentle like a doe’s.

“Master, do you like it when people call you Onii-chan?”

“I-I can do it too! Watch, Onii-chan!”

Astrea puffed out her chest while turning to Wu Yan as she asked for him to praise her.

“How was that? Master!”

Wu Yan felt good. He nodded before Natsuki’s frosty voice shut him down.

“Don’t get too cocky…”

“You know what… I think I will stop here…”

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

“Ikaros and Astrea, you can call me Master as usual.”


Natsuki stored her icy stare away while he heaved a sigh of relief.

Actually, the ladies also wore new outfits.

They wore red-hemmed white shirts which revealed their lustrous shoulders. The white kneesocks they wore also complemented their white boots and red shirt well.

The ladies looked like they wore Asuna’s outfit back in SAO.

Granted, he recreated their outfits using his memory of Asuna’s outfits.

He also designed the outfits so that they wouldn’t break down with wear and time.

However, the outfits aren’t enchanted with defense and barrier magic.

He can’t help but think about Asuna and the days they spent together.

Asuna’s elegant figure came across his mind and that inspired him to make the outfits for his ladies.


Wu Yan stood up after storing away his memories of Asuna.

“Let’s go grab something to eat and head to class.”


The ladies replied cheerfully.

Then, he heard something.

“A student of our dorm is about to challenge Magnus the No.1!”

Wu Yan & co turned silent after hearing that.

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