Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1586:

Wu Yan scratched his cheek after taking another look at the report card in his hand.

He ranked last in the academy.

This is a school for genius. Hence, most students here were already very well-educated before they enrolled. The syllabus is also cutting-edge.

He expected this outcome when he enrolled.

After all, he passed up a blank sheet before a shocked invigilator.

Wu Yan couldn’t care less what grades he got at this school.

However, he is annoyed by the attention from the two newcomers behind him. They were studying him like a lab animal.

“Hey, Raishin…”

He turned around to address Raishin and Yaya.

“If you have something to say to me, I am more than happy to duel or talk with you. But, please, stop staring at me.”

“You’re misunderstanding something.”

Raishin smirked.

“I am not upset with you. However, I am interested in this duel of yours.”


He rubbed his head.

“You heard me defeating the number 1 student and now you want a piece of me to gauge your abilities, right?”

“I want to become Satan!”

“The favorite to win is him. You defeated him so if I can beat you then I should be able to do the same to the Demon King, right?”

“And, where are you taking this conversation?’

“You’re trying to say you will give up if I defeat you in a duel?”


Raishin denied.

“I will not give up on the Satan title.”

“Then our conversation is without meaning.”

He laughed.

“You’re going to join the Night Party no matter the outcome of the duel, right?”


Raishin stuttered.

“Also, you’re wrong about something.”

He shrugged.

“I didn’t defeat him per se. I just caught him off guard. If we truly fought, the true outcome is unknown.”

“But, you have the skills to jump him.”

Raishin said.

“Kimberly said if I am on par with you then I can join the Night Party, that much is true, right?”

Wu Yan silently cursed Kimberly for saying needless things.

She set him up.

“Raishin, bro, you want to join the Night Party, right?”

Wu Yan sighed.

“Look carefully, I don’t have a glove, even if you defeated me, you still can’t join the Night party.”

Raishin stared at him as if he still had something to say.

He just about had enough. He opened his red eyes and gave him a dagger-like cold stare.

I advise you to cease this banter, second-last ranker…

His words were imbued with a magical quality. He also emitted a wave of magic storm.


The shockwave hit Yaya and Raishin and they got thrown off balance.


Raishin and Yaya hurriedly steadied themselves 10 meters away from him.

Raishin and Yaya were stunned by this display of superhuman mana level. They couldn’t believe the guy hid such a tremendous reserve of magic power and could exert himself on the environment by the simple act of unleashing his magic powers.

“I am not afraid of battles but I detest trouble…”

Wu Yan warned them at the center of the magic storm.

“I am telling you one more time. I am not joining the Night Party, targeting me will bring you no benefit.”

“But, if you still insist on a battle, it is what you will get.”

“Don’t blame me if you suffer a critical hit to your beliefs and confidence.”

He stored his mana away.

When the storm stopped, Wu Yan was already gone.

Raishin and Yaya were sweating cold bullets.


Yaya bowed her head dejectedly.

“Sorry, I couldn’t react in time.”

“I finally caught a glimpse, Yaya…”

He grinned although he couldn’t hide his fear and anxiety.

“Such a terrifying magic power. Even if he doesn’t look outstanding, the last ranker might be stronger than me.”

His knees were still shaking despite that bold statement.

He felt fear.

Automata relied on the magic power of their masters.

Without magic power, the automata will slowly lose mobility and enter hibernation.

For a Puppeteer, magic power determines the diversity of skills and the length of battles they can withstand.

If someone had monstrous magic power reserves, even without excellent Puppeteer skills and/or strong Magic Circuits, they could still make their automata fight like monsters.”

He couldn’t confirm Wu Yan’s Puppeteer skills.

But, his magic power alone is already something that chilled him to the core.

He instinctively knew that even if he fought Wu Yan just now, his chances of victory were 1% or less.

If he had more than just magic power going for him then Raishin reckons he would lose in less than a minute.

Even if he fought together with Yaya who was an Automaton a cut above the rest.

He tried simulations where he used his skills, planning, tactics, and other weaknesses exploits.

Would his chance rise to 10%?

“So, this is the difference between talented individuals?”

That overwhelming difference made it feel like he was standing in the mud.

“I am just a half-baked fighter compared to them.”

He doubted his skills.

He knew he had no talents.

He only trained his skills and magic power for 2 years.

If he wanted to win, he needed to work hard and catch up to them.

If they found out Wu Yan learned magic power for less than a year before reaching his current level then they would surely fall into the pits of despair.

And, Wu Yan had 0 skills in Puppeteer skills.

Raishin thought back about the one with the silver mask (Magnus) and he contrasted the two.

“Can I surpass them?”

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