Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1585: Two dumb peas in a pod

Time slowly flowed.

Currently, there are two guys walking along the hallway of one of the main lecture halls at Walpurgis Academy.

One of them had a gloomy aura, judging by the dark expression, the guy probably isn't a happy camper.

The other guy is bored out of his mind. He yawned while sporting a helpless look.

"Hey, man..."

Wu Yan isn't sure how he should console Raishin.

Yaya was waiting around the next corner. She approached Raishin the moment she saw him. However, she could tell something was wrong.

Raishin passed Yaya his result.

Yaya's eyes widened.


The Walpurgis Academy is an expensive school with many restrictions. As such, there are only 1235 students in school.

With Wu Yan and Raishin's enrollment, the total student population stands at 1237.

He is ranked at the very bottom as he is 1235th out of 1237 students.

To him, there wasn't any difference whether he was 1235 out of 1237 or 1236 students at this point.

His target rank is far from his current rank.

Unlike Raishin, Wu Yan looks like he is fine with his ranking. Raishin couldn't stop himself from asking.

"You don't mind your results?"

Wu Yan nodded.

"Nah, paper rankings like these are meaningless. If you want a higher rank, just take it by force."

"This school wants us to develop our own street smarts here."

"The school would probably prefer strong Puppeteers over nerds who have good results, right? I bet they would even give privileges to top-ranking students."

"Yes, you're right!"

Raishin steeled himself up.

"I only need to focus on my abilities!"

"Two bottomfeeders consoling each other, a touching sight, I would say."

Kimberly sarcastically said.

"I wish I could share the sentiment."

"Yo-you don't have to be so bitter."

Yaya stared at her.

"It's not like our results will affect you."

"Too bad, it does."

Kimberly replied.

"I just became the homeroom teacher in charge of you two."

"You're in charge of us?"

Wu Yan and Raishin gasped.

"Anyway, while the school might give powerful students a helping hand in grades and assessments, even sparing poor students from expulsions..."

Kimberly adjusted her glasses.

"But, after four years, you're going to have to buckle up and get some study in because you're going to need those points to get the graduation cert. If I were you, I'd start hitting the books you goofs."

"Also, you two are assigned to the Tortoise dormitory, the worst dorm for the worst students."

Kimberly turned her head the other way.

"I already talked to the dorm supervisor, better hurry and get the best rooms there."

Kimberly turned around to leave.

"Wait, Kimberly-sensei."

Raishin called out.

"I have a question for you."


Kimberly turned around.

"Questions can be asked during class and lecture hours. Come to my classes and I will answer your questions."

"No, it's not related to our syllabus."

Raishin continued.

"If I want to enter the Night Party, what do I need to do?"

Kimberly is intrigued and shocked by this revelation. However, she answered anyway.

"Only the top 100 students can participate."

Kimberly said.

"And, your current rank, I don't need to say anymore, right?"

"The Night Party will begin soon. Isn't it unfair for new students like us who don't have enough time to raise our ranks to that level?"

Raishin asked.

"Moreover, this school prizes strong Puppeteers. Grades shouldn't matter that much, right?"


Kimberly replied.

"Just graduating from this place will give you a lucrative career, why join the bloody carnage known as the Night Party?"

"Of course!"

Raishin continued.

"I want to become the Demon King!"

Wu Yan sighed and shook his head.

"The Night Party is a once-every-4-years event to choose the strongest Puppeteer, it's where the strongest will live and the weakest will perish. Naturally, you can take the rank of someone participating in that party through a duel."

Raishin and Yaya got the gist of it.

"Taking the ticket of another person."

Raishin mused out loud.


Kimberly grinned.

"Don't tell me you don't have the resolve to do that?"


Raishin is determined.

"It's mean but I need to enter the Walpurgis Night Party."

"Good resolve."

Kimberly looked at Wu Yan.

"Granted, if you have the abilities like the lowest ranker next to you, I don't see why you can't get in the Party."


Raishin and Yaya looked at Wu Yan.


He wanted to play the newbie role to the end.

"I don't know what you're talking about, I am just a newcomer though?"

"You're new but everyone knows you."

Kimberly grinned as if she were looking at an amusing toy.

"You haven't enrolled and you already faced off against the Number 1 student of the Academy and got away with a small victory."

"He defeated the No.1?!"

Raishin and Yaya couldn't believe it.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"You were watching me because you already knew?"


Kimberly raised an eyebrow.

"Detecting my gaze, you've got skills. But, I don't care about the Night Party, I want you two to pass so I can get my bonuses."

Kimberly left them.

"Good luck, you crappy students..."

The hallway turned silent once more.

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