Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1584: An encounter

Ding dong

At sunset, the chime of the last bell of school echoed throughout the academy. Coming from the tallest building in the school, it's not surprising that the sound could be heard in every corner of the academy.

Wu Yan walked leisurely along one of the corridors in the Walpurgis main halls.

The test of aptitude for new enrollment is coming up soon.

He will get his room after that test. It will also get him his uniform.

If he stayed out of this, he would be kicked out of the school as he can't be officially assigned to a class.

He would much rather stay out of the placement exams. However, this is the rule of the school.

Only Walpurgis can kick out paying clients for not joining extracurricular events.

Wu Yan had to sign up no matter his preference.

Natsuki, Nagisa, Kanon, Ikaros, and Astrea were left back home to organize the things they bought.

After the test, they have to move so it's never too early to pack up.

The students were dismissed hours ago and most of them already ate dinner.

He can hear his own footsteps since there is nobody nearby.

He went to check out the venue for the placement exam.

The worker told him it was right around the corner from the hallway he took.

"Talk about a drag, I didn't get a good rest during the train. I can't believe they're making me take the placement exam tomorrow. At least, give me some time to stroll around the campus."


"Why not?"

"Raishin will definitely find a foxy minx and do naughty things so I forbid it!"

"Am I that degenerate in your mind?!"

"Uwuu... When you're with Yaya you're celibate as a saint but when the skanks of the streets coo you go into heat..."

"I just arrived at the academy, AND, you were with me the whole time though?! Plus, I am not looking for a girlfriend here, okay?!"

"F-Friends with benefit... I should lock Raishin up at home."

"Don't focus on the wrong things, also, I am not a dog!"

Wu Yan looked in front.

There is a couple standing over there.

The couple is in a heated discussion.

The male appears to be a new student since he has a uniform on. He also held a knife, torchlight, and other magician accessories. He looks like he is ready to traverse the wilderness.

The male is also very young, he looks like he is 16 or 17 at most. However, his eyes are sharp like an eagle's. It seems this man has gone through much despite his tender age.

Near the young man is a young girl who wore black kimono that is shorter than average dress length. One could see her porcelain thighs when the breeze blew past her kimono.

Her hair is black as night, reaching her hips. The hair formed a nice contrast with her unblemished white skin.

Her mien is the most striking of all.

She looked like a doll someone spent their lives perfecting.

She must be an automaton.

The male appeared to be Raishin while the female appeared to be Yaya.

Wu Yan identified the bickering duo immediately.

These two are the protagonists of this universe.

The main arc began when the duo enrolled at Walpurgis Academy.

He entered the universe days before the main arc.

It looks like the plot is rolling with the duo here.

"Let me calm down first, I need to focus on the exam."

"Do you want Yaya to help you cool down?"

"I don't know what you want to do but I will hear you out."

"My body is cool so if you hug me tightly I am sure it will cool your head down."

"And I am immediately proven wrong, just go to the side, will you?!"

He listened to the duo with twitching facial muscles.

The duo would be perfect for a slapstick standup routine.


Raishin noticed Wu Yan's gaze.

Wu Yan backed off before urging them to continue.

"Oops, interrupted something here, continue and pretend I am not here."

"My fellow student, it seems you've misunderstood us."

"Yeah, Raishin."

Yaya touched her cheek while blushing.

"So bold in front of another, what were you thinking? Dummy."

"Huh, bold with you? What?!"

Raishin shrieked.

Wu Yan cleared his throat.

"You all need to shut up!"

The door next to the duo opened as the individual roared in anger.

The individual was a stern redhead lady with a comb in her hair.

She had blue eyes. Those cold and sharp eyes suggested that she is someone who has knowledge of her field of study. She wore office-lady-like clothes.

She must be a professor here.

"I am Kimberly, the Machinart Physicist at this academy. I might not have authority but I can shut a bunch of rowdy students down if I want to!"

Raishin and Yaya froze up.


Kimberly snorted but it's clear that she just wanted to warn the duo without actually going through with her threat.

She is a composed lady that's for sure.

Kimberly ignored Raishin and Yaya before focusing on Wu Yan who was yawning.

Kimberly's eyes had a weird glint.


Kimberly looked away.

"Those who came for the test, come with me."

Kimberly allowed them passage into the door.

Wu Yan had a faint feeling that Kimberly kept her furtive eyes on him although he didn't point this out.

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