Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1583: Troubled by a brat

"Hah... Hah... Hah..."

Charlotte lay near a crater as she heaved while holding onto her miniaturized Dragon Sigmund.

"I used up my magic..."

"Of course."

Wu Yan grumbled.

"I fought you dozens of times. I was starting to suspect that you lived up to your name as a T-rex who only had eyes on the prey without regard for the energy used in the hunt."

"I never won once!"

Charlotte complained.

"You keep winning with one move, what kind of monster are you?"

"Losing to you makes me a monster?"

He pursed his lips.

"It's way better than a brat who won't give up after losing and keeps asking for a rematch!"

"I am Charlotte of the Belew House!"

She huffed.

"I can't keep losing to a person!"


He shut her up.

"You never won though."

"I will, one day!"

She shot a glare at him. Then, she looked at Natsuki who was drinking tea while Kanon prepared more at her side. Astrea is also having fun chatting with Nagisa while Ikaros watches silently over them.

"You only used Natsuki, Ikaros, and Astrea. Nagisa and Kanon never moved.

"Kanon isn't a fighter."

He shrugged.

"Nagisa is a special case, she needs to enter a special state to fight. This is just a duel, there is no need for Avrora to come out."


"Her other personality, the combat mode personality is termed as Avrora."

Wu Yan revealed.

"Nagisa has those abilities but Avrora is the one who can use her abilities to the fullest extent."

"A dual personality automaton?"

Charlotte gasped.

"You have unique dolls..."


Wu Yan was puzzled.

"Ikaros can defend against Sigmund's Gram while Astrea has speed and swordsmanship that surpassed humans. Natsuki's skills are tricky to handle and can set up sneaky ambushes. These abilities are all very powerful by themselves."

Charlotte roamed her gaze over his ladies again.

"I've never lost a fight against an opponent with Gram. Because of his immense size, it's common for opponents to use speed on me but I found ways to counter them. But, I couldn't counter the two angels by your side."

"Natsuki is even more shocking."

Charlotte looked at Natsuki.

"Spells that can affect spacetime itself are very high-level. A magic like that loaded onto a circuit should present an immense burden on the automaton. The magic power required to initiate such a circuit should also require superhuman reserves and skills to use."

"Natsuki exhibited abilities that can achieve teleportation, distortion of space, and making cracks in space."

Charlotte said.

"It's almost like she has full control over all aspects of spatial magic."

"If her circuit is like a spiderweb, each variation of this spatial magic should have required you to deconstruct and reconstruct them to achieve those effects in a short span of time."

She looked at Wu Yan.

"The skill and magic required to do so in such a nonchalant manner, your techniques surpassed my initial estimation."

Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

For one, Natsuki doesn't have a magic circuit. It's all Natsuki's abilities.

She should praise Natsuki rather than Wu Yan.

After all, he is just the infinite battery supplying mana to Natsuki.

She probably wouldn't believe him even if he told her.

The conventional logic in this universe is that automata can handle low-level spells with their circuits but high-level spells need the intervention and fine control of their Puppeteers to properly utilize the spells.

Sigmund can probably fire hundreds of laser bolts in a Lustre Flare but Charlotte's intervention resulted in the rain like thousands of laser bolts.

An automaton knows the circuit inside them like the back of their hands.

But, with the help of a skilled puppeteer who can optimize the energy and load the circuit properly, the effect of the magic would be better than just supplying energy to the automaton.

This is Puppeteer Magic.

The synergy between Puppeteer and Automaton.

The two make a sum greater than the parts and vice versa.

Charlotte just wouldn't believe it if he said that was all Natsuki's effort.

"I assumed you could suppress Magnus because he was careless and you had luck on your side."

Charlotte said.

"Now, I know it's your abilities."

"Nah, Natsuki and Astrea did all the work."

He shook his head.

Wu Yan only supplied the energy, he's not going to take credit for their skills.

He would feel bad if he stole their spotlights.

"But, now, I am sure!"

Charlotte stared at Wu Yan like a predator.

"If I can defeat all five dolls then I can beat Magnus and become Satan!"

She pointed her finger at him.

"Starting today, you're my exclusive sparring partner!"


Wu Yan gasped.

"It's settled."

Charlotte left him without giving him any chance to rebut.

"Tomorrow, same time, come here for sparring sessions!"

Charlotte disappeared beyond the forest's clearing.

Natsuki snorted.

"Looks like an annoying brat stuck herself onto you."


Kanon is a bit worried.

"Are we going to be okay?"

"Who knows..."

Natsuki shut her eyes as she quietly enjoyed her tea.

"For him, this might be a reward."

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