Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1582: Support Witch and Assault Angels

"Lustre Cannon!"

Wu Yan & co felt a surge of energy as Sigmund started charging up for an attack.

The area beneath Sigmund's scales grew pale blue with mana as an orb of light formed around its mouth.


Wu Yan pointed his right palm at Ikaros.

"Let's try fighting."

Wu Yan's gargantuan mana turned into radiant golden circles around his arm.

Ikaros felt a surge of energy as her mind raced.

Ikaros' green eyes turned red as data streamed past her eyes.

Her pinkish wings spread open as feathers were scattered everywhere.

A ray of sunlight hit Ikaros like a spotlight.

She looked like an angel who just touched the ground.


"Sh-She's beautiful!"

Charlotte couldn't help but be charmed for a second. She quickly shook off that feeling.


Sigmund fired a laser at her.


Wu Yan gave her more magic power.

Ikaros' red eyes glimmered.


Translucent floating panels surrounded her as she unfurled a barrier that covered Wu Yan & co.

"It's useless!"

Charlotte revealed a smug grin when she saw the barrier.

"Sigmund! Penetrate it!"


The laser bolt hit the Aegis barrier.

Strange enough, the barrier was melting Aegis.

Ikaros poured more magic into Aegis as she tried to regenerate the pierced part but the laser continued melting the barrier.

The fortification seemed to have slowed down the melting rate significantly.

Ikaros placed more layers onto Aegis.


The laser bolt faded.


Sigmund and Charlotte gasped.

"They blocked it?!"

Charlotte had good reasons to be surprised.

Sigmund has Gram installed.

It is magic close to the source of magic in this world. It carried the element of destruction.

At its core, this magic reverted something from existing to non-existent. It is a very powerful attack magic that deleted things from existence.

Ikaros blocked the attack with Aegis.

"No, we didn't block it."

Natsuki continued.

Natsuki explained.

"We outlasted it."

That's right.

It is an unblockable attack but it is still supported by Charlotte's magic power reserves.

Ikaros just needed to keep layering Aegis to outlast Sigmund's piercing attack.

"Ok, how about this?!"

Charlotte started another attack as steam-like mana left her body.

"Lustre Flare!"

Sigmund's mouth opened as its chest and scales gleamed blue like will-o-wisps. This time, another orb of light formed near its mouth.

This looked like a rain of lasers as opposed to the focused beam from before.

Ikaros started her counterattack.

She expanded her arms and Aegis expanded outwards.

When the rain of lasers hit her barrier, she commanded her barrier to bounce outwards again.


She used that burst of energy to reduce all the laser arrows to embers.


Charlotte gasped.

"She used the destruction of her barrier to cancel out Sigmund's AoE attack?!"

Fwoosh fwoosh

Charlotte looked up to see purple chains shooting down from weird portals in the air.

They were ambushed.

Cling clang cling

The Chains of Commandments struck Sigmund before tightly ensnaring the beast.

Another streak of light went for Sigmund.

The streak of light appeared in front of Charlotte.

Charlotte felt her vision blur before a floral scent wafted into her nostrils.

Charlotte stood shocked as a lady floated in front of her.

The lady had red eyes that glimmered with data lines. The halo and white wings caught her eyes the most.

The angelic lady had a vibrating photon sword. She held Charlotte hostage with the tip of her blade.


Charlotte's eyes widened.


She muttered the name of her captor.


Astrea grinned as she turned off her battle mode. The watch was already over by the time Sigmund got captured.

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