Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1581: The top dogs, Rounds

In a desolated forest behind the Academy.

The dim rays of the sun pierced the foliage, lighting up the jewels collected in the form of morning dew. The vibrant forest was doing its thing.

A spacious area could be found deeper within this tranquil forest.

Only a handful of students know about this place. Each of them used this spot as their secret hideout.

Some came for clandestine smooching sessions while others used it for training.

A man with five cute, beautiful, cheeky, serene, and cool ladies arrived at this vacant area. There was another lady with a flying dragon about the size of a cat.

The man and dragon lady faced each other.

Wu Yan asked her one more time.

"Are we really doing this?"

"Are you regretting it?"

Charlotte asked.

"You're not joining the Night Party anyway."

"True, but I don't see how that's connected to training with you?'

Wu Yan rubbed his aching head.

"Also, aren't you afraid our fight would decimate this area?"

"I only know this spot, what do you want from me?!"

Charlotte huffed.

"This is so I can train and defeat Magnus at the Night Party!"

"But classes are starting soon..."

He heard the chime ring.

"Are you ditching classes?"

"It's just for a d-half a day... I don't see how that would cause anything to go wrong..."

Charlotte obviously isn't used to ditching classes, her anxious look gave her away.

"Perhaps this is how I would be able to conceive the inspiration to defeat Magnus."

"If playing hooky is a viable way to beat the No.1 student then I don't see why the other students are still following the classes here."

"Enough chit-chat!"

Charlotte scowled.

"Just do it. You're a man so stop minding the small details!"

"Alright, don't think I will go easy on you."

"Go easy on me? Please, who do you think I am?"

Charlotte puffed out her meat mounds with a confident smile.

"I am one of the Rounds, the one who they call Tyrant Rex, Charlotte Belew!"

Wu Yan looked down at Charlotte's hands.

She wore gloves that glistened in the dim light as if they were made of high-quality silk and leather.

There are gilded characters on her gloves.

Tyrant Rex

Named after the famous dinosaur and a tyrant.

Only people who rank in the top 100 had the right to wear ornate gloves like these.

And, among them, only a handful of people are given epithets.

Charlotte is one of the few given a title before the Night Party.

After all, she's the number six of this school.

Although her rank differs greatly from the No.1, her ability is in the top 10 among the students.

This is why the students didn't want to get in her way when she walked around the other day.

This is also the reason why she was confident she could handle at least 3 of Magnus' automata if she gave it her all.

Magnus' true power is something all the students don't know.

Charlotte also dug around for information on Magnus so she must have something to back her up when she claimed she could handle 3 of Magnus' dolls.

"I won't go easy too."

Charlotte got into a stance as she emitted a chilly aura.

"You have a healing automaton, as long as I don't break anyone's Eve's Heart, we should all be fine."

They sensed her change in attitude.


Ikaros and Astrea scanned Charlotte as an immediate threat.


Kanon and Nagisa got closer to Wu Yan as they readied themselves for any orders from him.

Natsuki also got ready. She's been through hundreds of battles, she only needed to respond in kind.

They're waiting for Wu Yan to give them the order.


He smiled at Charlotte.

"Come at me!"

"Let's go!"

Charlotte lifted her arm.



Sigmund flew up as it cloaked itself in a thick cloud of dark smoke.

Charlotte infused her automaton with magic power.

Sigmund steadily grew bigger as the cat-like dragon turned into a metallic dragon about 3 meters tall and 8 meters long.

Its wings also took on an eerie red glow like it was a teenage dragon.


Sigmund roared as the dragon spread its giant wings. The gale generated from the action caused branches to snap and leaves to fly dozens of meters away. The ground Sigmund stood on also cracked.

Charlotte told everyone she meant business with this.

Charlotte Belew: Level 64

"Tier 7, huh?"

Wu Yan mused out loud after scanning both Charlotte and her dragon.

Charlotte is number 6 as a tier 7 individual.

The rest of the Rounds should be on this level too.

Most Puppeteers only had one doll per person.

By extension, Wu Yan who had five peak tier 7 dolls stood near the pinnacle of power in Rounds' terms.

At least, he could stand on par with Magnus.

Thanks to Charlotte, he now had a rough idea of where he stood on the power totem pole.

"Lustre cannon!!!"

His vision was filled with a blinding white light.

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