Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1580: The God in control of everything


Charlotte asked with a pair of anxious eyes.

"You're telling me the magic circuits of your Dolls? Aren't you afraid that I might come up with counters to your magic?"

"Counter my Dolls?"

Wu Yan asked.

"Why do you have to do that?"

"You're asking the obvious."

"Magnus was pulling his punches. But, you still managed to temporarily gain an upper hand against the No.1 in this school, I imagine it wouldn't beh ard for you to participate in the night Party."

"At that time, we will become enemies."

Charlotte stared at him.

"It's dangerous to tell me your magic circuit, don't you know that?"

It isn't wise to reveal the abilities of one's automata.

The one magic circuit per automaton rule makes it so that the enemies can reliably counter an opponent once he finds out who he is going up against.

Well, that is if he fights at the Night Party.

"Who told you I am joining?"

"You're not?"

Charlotte shrieked.

The Night Party, aka the Walpurgis Night Party is a once every 4 years event where the top puppeteers vie for supremacy.

The demon lord who becomes coronated in that Night Party will become someone who is above magic law and most laws other humans are bound by.

Fame, wealth, knowledge, and power, are everything one could seek.

Who wouldn't want that title?

Someone who is in a position to gain that title declares that he isn't joining?

Charlotte just couldn't believe it.

"You're not joining the night Party?'

Charlotte asked again.

"You know you can get everything you want if you become Satan (Demon Lord), right?"


Wu Yan answered swiftly.

"I came here for power, make no mistake about that. I came to this academy to become stronger."

"Then, why aren't you joining the Night Party?"

Charlotte frowned.

"The Demon Lord is a title that can give you power."

One could access forbidden, ancient, and/or secret spells with that title.

Some of these spells are very complicated to use, too bloodthirsty in nature, or can cause great harm when used improperly. This is why these tomes are sealed.

If a mage is caught dabbling in these forbidden arts, they would be sent to the chopping block in no time at all.

If one wanted power then getting the Demon King title is just a no-brainer, right?

Wu Yan read her mind and he grinned.

"Your forbidden spells can only enhance humans so far."


Charlotte gasped.

"A magician is just a magician if he stops at studying spells."

Wu Yan continued walking.

"If they don't work on themselves as the foundation, they can never truly attain godhood and be in charge of their own fates."

"A God?"

Charlotte was gripped by an intense wave of emotions.

Is this man thinking about godhood?

Charlotte dispelled that thought at once.

She wasn't scoffing at his nigh impossible ideals. She was imagining the path that Wu Yan relayed to her, it is a scary notion to her.

Wu Yan isn't lying.

He's doing this so he can speed up his path to the peak of the demigod realm.

Once he attains the peak of a demigod, he will touch the barrier preventing one's apotheosis.

Becoming a god.

Wu Yan has 103,000 tomes and grimoires in his mind.

If one talked about ancient spells, Toaru no Majutsu no Index's universe had them by the dozens.

There are also OP spells that can kill gods.

Alas, Wu Yan has the knowledge but not the means and abilities to execute those spells.

Charlotte quickly chased after him.

"Okay, since you're not joining the Night Party, can you tell me the abilities of your automata?"

"I never intended to hide them from you."

He shrugged.

"Natsuki can manipulate space with her spatial manipulation. Ikaros has wave-motion manipulation, she can make barriers to protect people. Astrea has her photon sword which she can enlarge and minimize at will."

"Nagisa has her Avrora freezing spells. She can freeze a lot of things while Kanon's ability revolves around quick and powerful healing, as long as the target isn't dead, she can quickly heal them in no time at all."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Well, now you know."

"Yo-You actually told me?'

"I can counter you if you join the Night Party, You're going to get your butt handed to you if you went up against me."

"Again, I am not joining."

Wu Yan sighed.

"I have another objective. It's not joining the Night Party, you can relax."


Charlotte exhaled after calming herself down.

"Good, I don't want another tough foe."

"I think you should worry about Magnus more."

Wu Yan pursed his lips.

"If he's there, I don't think you can become the Demon King."

"I-I know that!"

Charlotte growled.

"I don't know how to deal with his one-man army yet. But, I will win!"

"I must!"

Charlotte clapped her hands after an idea came to her.

"Right, come train with me!"


Wu Yan wanted to hear it again.

"You're not joining the Night Party, right?"

Charlotte's eyes lit up.

"Magnus has 6 dolls while your dolls are on par with him. You're the perfect training partner if I want to defeat Magnus."

Charlotte had good eyes.

Astrea is the attack while Ikaros is the defender. Natsuki can support or attach with her ranged attacks. Nagisa can do ranged attacks and crowd control with her control over freezing various things. Kanon can heal and make sure the party recovers from any damage dealt.

This is the perfect set-up and anyone wanting to counter Magnus' 6 dolls would dream of fighting him as a training partner.

Charlotte thinks Wu Yan is the key to defeating Magnus.

"Alright, let's not delay this any longer."

She grabbed Wu Yan's arm before rushing out.

"Let's go practice."


Before he can say anything, Charlotte the Brute whisked him off with her tempest-like temperament.

Natsuki and Sigmund watched as the two disappeared around the corner.

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