Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1579: The swift fight

Silence permeated the area as the students watched the two puppeteers holding each other down by their necks.


Charlotte was stunned.

Sigmund is also stunned by the speed of the fight.

The two of them started a fight and made their moves faster than the students around them could react.

They didn't know who went all out first.

However, it looked like the number one student just lost to a random mook.


The dolls around Wu Yan started struggling against the purplish chains holding their weapons back.

Crack Klack

The dolls couldn't extricate themselves.


The dolls abandoned their weapons as they tried to help Magnus.

But, the photon sword inched closer and Magnus' neck started bleeding.

The dolls stopped when they saw an injured Magnus.

Ding ding

The chains went back into the purple portals as the crimson weapons fell to the floor.

Wu Yan walked forward as if nothing transpired.

Magnus raised his guard while Wu Yan went past the helpless Magnus automatons.

He went into another street behind Magnus.

The blonde lady returned to Wu Yan's side.

They looked at the victor slowly walking into the distance.


Magnus raised his voice.

"Your name?"

Wu Yan paused briefly.

"Name yourself first."

He replied casually.

"Well, I already know yours anyway."


Magnus identified himself.

"Your name?"

"Not as well-known as you."

He waved his hand.

"You can call me Wu Yan."

"Wu Yan?"

The students around them searched their memories, nope, this name wasn't familiar to them.

"Wu Yan."

Charlotte also chanted the name as if to engrave it in her memories.

"Wu Yan."

Magnus nodded.

"I will remember that."

Magnus said before heading the other way.

The 6 automata got into a defensive formation around Magnus.

They escorted Magnus away while keeping their eyes on Wu Yan just in case he attacked them again.

Wu Yan also left except his automata didn't react so defensively like Magnus' defeated automata.

They never let Wu Yan out of their sights until Magnus was safely out of that place.

The students also watched until the two duelists left the area with bated breaths.

A rumor soon spread that a newcomer defeated Magnus the no.1 in a duel.

Wu Yan pursed his lips before turning to Natsuki.


"I can't conclude anything yet."

Natsuki said.

"Magnus might have gone into battle mode but he wasn't serious. He just got caught by surprise and lost. If he wasn't so careless, the result might have been different."


Wu Yan nodded.

"He used all his dolls but none of them used their Magic Circuits. We used the "spells" we wrote on the register."

"We are higher-leveled. However, a true fight might yield different results so I can't say anything yet."

Natsuki assessed.

"At least, while we are still using the 'spells' you wrote on the register."

"Let's leave it at that."

Wu Yan waved his hand.

"We still took him down in an ambush. That means there aren't many who can do the same."

"Looks like it."

Natsuki said.


Ikaros called out.

"Charlotte is coming over."


Charlotte caught up to them.

"What was that? Do you realize what you just did? You defeated Magnus? What kind of monster are you?"

"Stop stop stop."

Wu Yan made her stop.

"Why bombard me with questions?"

"Naturally, I have a ton of questions for you!"

Charlotte stuck her face closer to his.

"You used two dolls to defeat Magnus while he's using 6 dolls."

"Natsuki and Astrea are my main fighters. Technically, I went all out when he was taking it easy."

"Ikaros specialized in defensive barriers, Kanon in healing, and Nagisa's the only one who I had yet to show her powers. Yeah, I pretty much went all out."

Charlotte stayed silent.

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