Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1578: A duel in an instant


"It's Magnus..."

"Bringing his dolls to class?"

"He seems more concerned with classes nowadays..."

"He was like a phantom before, never appearing for classes."

"Yeah, we can see him almost every day now..."

"Night Party, I assume..."

"Yeah, soon, it will be time for that. Even the No.1 is worried, right?"

"I will bet."

The students parted ways for the number 1 student Magnus.

Magnus continued walking as if he didn't hear them. He was used to this, it would seem.

Magnus continued walking toward one of the lecture halls.

Then, he paused.

He didn't expect people to stand in his way. Certainly, not after every student steered clear of him.

The man had red eyes and black hair. He had 5 beautiful ladies with him. The ladies were of different sizes, aura, and stature. They giggled as they shared stories among themselves, completely ignoring the masked man's presence.

The man didn't wear a student's uniform so it looked like he was a visitor.

However, he had automata with him so he shouldn't be a teacher.

The teachers only brought their automata around when they were teaching Puppet techniques. Even then, they rarely let their automata roam around.

Marcus also knew almost every doll that belonged to teachers.

In conclusion, this man with 5 dolls should be a new student.

The students could see that the new student is either oblivious or blatantly rude to Magnus.

Some of the students didn't even consider that the ladies might be automata.

Marcus could tell because he can sense magic power at a higher sensitivity than others.

He could feel the man channeling magic into the five ladies.

Only automata can accept magic power so readily and easily.

Magnus can sense the magic power amount too. This wasn't normal.

Dolls could move around with a minimum level of magic power, even for higher specs automata with human-like intelligence and will.

No, the level of magic power is enough to fight.

He's coming for him!

Magnus continued walking as he readied himself.

He wasn't worried about the newcomer.

It's not the first time people challenged him, he never had a lack of challengers wanting the title of the strongest in the Academy.

If he took offense to each and every one of them, he would have tired himself out a long time ago.

This is going to be just another page in his long book of small skirmishes.

That was all.

He infused more power into the two female dolls behind him.

The two drew nearer...

Soon, the distance is just 4 meters between them.


A jet of gale exploded behind Marcus.

A burst of floral scent entered the nostrils of everyone nearby.

They saw something baffling.

There were multiple automata that were dressed in black. Their faces were covered by the mask they put on dead people. The ladies all had different weapons as they surrounded the guy in casual clothing.

Six automata.

The six automata had red swords, knives, spears, scythes, and other melee weapons as they tried to hold the red-eyed man by his neck.

These automata were Magnus' famous dolls.

Where the other 4 came from, they didn't know.

And, no, the others weren't shocked by how Magnus had summoned his dolls out of nowhere, how they formed a formation around the red-eyed man.

They were just baffled by how the number one student's dolls couldn't actually hold the crimson-eyed man in place. This was because purplish chains held back the weapons.

The dolls were restrained by the purple chains.

The dolls were also unaware of how they were restrained by the purple chains.

They couldn't touch Wu Yan no matter how hard they tried.

Meanwhile, a lady stood behind Magnus.

The blonde lady had white ribbons tying up her golden locks. She was with the crimson-eyed man up until a few seconds ago.

The lady held up a vibrating photon sword against Magnus.

The two puppeteers were held by weapons at their necks.

However, Wu Yan is untouchable with the purplish chains holding back the weapons.

Meanwhile, Magnus was in danger, if the sword went further, it could cut into his neck.

It was easy to see who held the higher leverage here.

The victor had already been decided.

The students just watched with slack jaws.

Charlotte also turned into a statue when she saw the scene.

Magnus' eyes shrunk as he just recovered from his situation.

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