Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1577: Challenging the Strongest Puppeteer in School

Walpurgis student cafeteria.

The students could see the street as the wall facing the main street was made of glass.

Anything that happened outside, the students could see.

Currently, there was a commotion unfolding in the main street.

It centered around a male student, his male uniform gave him away.

Females wore white shirts and black vests. Males wore white shirts and black pants. Other than that, male students also had a tight-fitting outer vest.

This student wore the same and more. He had a luxurious coat that looked like it had a noble's crest on it.

He was also wearing a silver mask that only left his eyes, nose, and mask visible.

His attire made him stand out.

The domineering pressure he exuded also gave his presence away.

This isn't a normal student.

There are two automata in the form of young ladies wearing gothic black clothes. They had dark veils covering their faces as if they were walking corpses.

They guarded him like security guards.

No, those two young ladies are his guards, they were his automata after all.

He caused everyone to gasp just with his appearance.

The students around him were the first to make a ruckus.

The elite student continued walking nonchalantly as the other students scurried away from him as if they were afraid of offending him.

The students avoided the man like he was the plague. This was similar to how the students reacted to Charlotte.

However, the students yesterday were only terrified of Charlotte.

This time, they were afraid and respectful of the elite male student.

It was like they looked at a returning veteran who swept battlefields.


Natsuki is the first to size up the male student with a silver mask.

"An intriguing individual."

"Who's that?"

Nagisa blinked in surprise.

"Seems like he is a big deal."


Charlotte wrinkled her brows.



Wu Yan said, interrupting Charlotte.

"A genius student who is top in everything, the highest scoring student in the academy, and the one lauded as a genius never-before-seen of the Walpurgis Academy."

"His epithet is the One Man Army. He can control 6 automata and can defeat a fleet with his powers. He is also the one most likely to win the Night Party and become the next Demon King."


Wu Yan beamed at Charlotte.

"Isn't that right?"


Charlotte frowned harder when she saw Wu Yan's amused look.

"Magnus' technique and magic power far surpass normal mages. He is the most likely one to win this round's Night Party. Even the professors here called him a monster when talking about techniques."


He looked at Marcus.

"He's the biggest rival if you're trying to reach the Demon King title, right?"


Charlotte bitterly laughed.

"He can control more dolls than you. Each of them are powerful. I might be able to win against 1 or two but against 3, I think it's 50-50. 4 or more and I would lose without a doubt."

Charlotte said.

"One Man Army."

Natsuki mused to herself.


Wu Yan grinned.


"A little bit."

Natsuki replied.

Charlotte flinched when she heard the automaton.

"It has been a long time since I moved my body. Or, maybe it's because my powers were sealed..."

"Feels like I need a warm-up."


Charlotte gasped in horror.

"No, you couldn't be..."


Wu Yan stood up.

"I wanted to see where we stood on the totem pole. If he's the number 1 then he could serve as a good benchmark."

"H-Hey, what do you mean?"

Charlotte knew the answer but she couldn't fathom it.

"Don't tell me you're going to challenge Magnus? Are you crazy? He can control 6 automata, you know?"


He rubbed his chin.

"I only have 5. Looks like I lost in terms of quantity."

"That's not it. You're too naive!"

Charlotte stood up.

"He only needs one of his automatons to wipe the floor with 90+ rankers in a 1-v-1 fight. He can effectively control six, it isn't just a pissing contest of who has the most automata. You think you can beat him with simple numbers?"

"Marcus' automata are powerful but his magic power and skills with them make him a terrifying foe."

Charlotte warned him.

"Do you understand?"

Charlotte's implying that Wu Yan will lose to Magnus' in magic power and technique.

A truly skilled puppeteer can turn any doll, even a weak variant into a terrifying weapon. Even against superior dolls, one could still win with skills and technique.

This is what Charlotte implied.

Wu Yan can't beat him in magic power and skills.

Wu Yan is just an unenrolled student.

Nobody expects him to go toe to toe with the strongest student.

Yes, Charlotte is half correct.

Wu Yan has no Puppet skills to speak of.

However, his magic power is beyond superhuman.


"Nah, I don't think my partners here will lose to a coward who is afraid to show his face."

Wu Yan went to the exit as Natsuki and Ikaros followed.

Kanon obediently bowed before tagging along.


Nagisa grabbed Astrea.

"Let's go, there's a fight, stop eating!"


Astrea left the dining table albeit she wanted nothing less than to continue eating.

"That dumbass!"

Charlotte cursed before following with Sigmund flying behind her.

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