Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1574: A bad start to the school life

The next morning...

"Wake up... Sensei... wake up..."

"Master, it's morning."

Wu Yan heard two familiar voices calling out to him. He stirred into consciousness as the sweet tender embrace of sleep slowly released him.

"Sensei, stop sleeping and get up!"

"Master, I am hungry, I want to eat!"

Wu Yan opened his eyes slowly.

"Oh! He's awake!"


Nagisa and Astrea were the first to enter his vision. He sat up as he dispelled his lethargic consciousness.

Ikaros, Astrea, Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa were already awake.

Natsuki sipped her tea on the table.

Kanon stood next to Natsuki like a maid. She had a teapot ready to fill Natsuki's cup to the brim once she finished her tea.

Wu Yan somehow woke up on the ground wrapped in his blanket. Nagisa and Astrea probably threw him here to wake him up, judging by their beaming looks, they enjoyed waking him up.

Ikaros sat next to Wu Yan. She was quietly watching her master, enjoying his mien as he stirred from unconsciousness to consciousness.


He greeted Ikaros, and her eyes wavered.


"Good morning, Master (sensei)!"

Nagisa, Kanon, and Astrea greeted him in unison.

Wu Yan finally recalled what transpired last night.

Automata count as objects so the academy didn't prepare lodging for automata.

The Puppeteer can either put the automata in dormant mode and store them in secure facilities at the school or...

They can bring them around with them.

This is why Wu Yan slept with the six of them in a room last night.

Even if they're enrolled, dorm life still awaits them.

This dorm is big but it barely housed the six of them.

Fortunately, Astrea and Ikaros don't need to sleep so Natsuki, Kanon, Nagisa, and Wu Yan could still sleep on the master bed.

Now, he finally recalls the real reason why he was on the ground. He was told to sleep on the ground.

"Can't wake up early, can you?"

Natsuki told him off.

"Is this how a student should behave?"

"I don't know about that but I think it's highly likely I will be late multiple times."

He yawned while rubbing his eyes.

"Seriously, can't the morning eff off for a few hours?"

"What in the world are you talking about?"

Nagisa stood with arms akimbo.

"It's a good morning, you should be more energetic."

"It's not just me."

He puckered her lips in a certain direction.

"Astrea is looking tired too, no?"

"I am hungry, master...."

Astrea rubbed her flabless tummy.

"I am hungry... hungry..."

"I know, sheesh."

He stood up.

"Let's go eat breakfast!"

"That's what I am talking about!"

Walpurgis Academy, Main Street...

The street is rowdy.

There are many students and their automata walking around.

Soon, it will be time for the first period to start.

For now, they needed to eat at the student cafeteria.

This is the only student cafeteria in the academy.

Naturally, the students could opt for the dorm cafeteria where food is also provided.

But, the menu there is fixed and bland.

That's why the students with deeper pockets preferred to eat at the student cafeteria.

Most students here are rich and/or backed by rich individuals. They aren't wanting of chump change to eat in the student cafeteria.

It's almost like a sports carnival with all the students gathering at one location.

Wu Yan led his automata to the cafeteria too. However, this simple activity attracted the attention of many.

"Look at that pink-haired lady, she's so beautiful..."

"The blondie is also quite the looker..."

"The young lady with silver hair looks like a divine priestess..."

"I like the black-haired lady, the kid near her is also cute."

"Are they new students? How come I've never seen them before?"

"Who is that dude blocking our view? He's obstructing our good views..."

The people whispered and Wu Yan heard them.

He continued walking without paying any heed to the students around him.

A greyish-white building slowly grew larger in his vision.

The building had greyish-white walls on all sides except for one side that is constructed out of glass.

It looked like a huge auditorium that was almost two football fields big. The pillars lined either side of the huge hall. The ceiling is at least 20 meters high, this place could easily house all the students.

The sunlight pierced through the glass wall and lit up the pristine hall. With round tables arranged neatly across the floor, it looked like a great place to grab something to eat.

The hall is filled with aromatic smells.

In front, near the door to the kitchen are trays filled with various types of food: fish, meat, bread, salad, anything one could fathom. Plates and cutleries were also prepared.

The students queued to grab the food they fancied.

It is a self-service establishment, the students will have to pick their own dishes.

Wu Yan & Co. stopped when they saw the start of the line. There was a crew member collecting money from students before they were allowed to queue up for the food.

It is the cashier!

They needed money!

Wu Yan & Co. stopped.

They had money (gold coins), but not paper money...

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