Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1575: A bad girl? A good girl?


They looked at the cashier silently.

"Looks good..."

Astrea is the only one who saw only the food but not the problem at hand. She tugged Wu Yan's shirt.

"Master! Let's go now!"


He rubbed his temples.

The student cafeteria is a pay-to-eat place.

That should have been obvious to him.

The food at the dorm cafeteria was paid for when they enrolled.

He paid the enrollment fee with gold. How, then, will he solve this student cafeteria issue?

He has JPY from Date A Live, Strike the Blood, and Fate Kaleid.

But, this school is using the Pound Sterling.

"Hey, Natsuki..."

He turned to her.

"You're a famous assault mage, surely, you have worked in places like England before?"

"Are you dumb?"

Natsuki retorted.

"I am the prison warden of the Prison Barrier realm, I can't go anyway I please, certainly not to a faraway place like England."

Wu Yan looked at Kanon and Nagisa.

"I lived on Itogami Island..."

Kanon said.


"I have a few Pounds from when my parents contributed them to my collection."

Nagisa giggled.

"But, they're at my house."

Wu Yan looked at Ikaros.


Ikaros suggested anxiously.

"Do you want me to go rob some?"


Wu Yan approached the point of despair.


Astrea could sense the ominous air around him.

"We can't eat?"

"Hmm, how do we get through this?"

Wu Yan mumbled as Astrea looked like she faced her own Armageddon.

"I can make Ikaros go rob some, we don't need much so it shouldn't be a problem, yeah?"

"Are you an idiot?"

They turned around to look at the ruder interjector.

They saw someone with blue eyes and golden locks. The dragon sitting on her head gave her identity away.

Her elf-like mien couldn't hide the slight excitement and happiness in her face.

"What an oaf! A peerless fool, I bet I can't find anyone dumber than you."

She inhaled before shooting holes in Wu Yan's plans.

"Rob people? There are security automata and disciplinary committee members on patrols. They will gang up on you and confiscate your automata. Surely, you don't think robbing people is worth the trouble of making new automata?"


Astrea widened her eyes.

"The villainess from yesterday?!"

"I am not 'the villainess', I am Charlotte Belew!"

She growled.

"Also, who are you calling the villain?!"

"Charl saw you guys were in a pinch so she sneaked closer."

Sigmund explained.

"She snooped around to gather information. Although this makes her look bad, she actually did it out of good intentions, trust me, my lady is a nice girl."

"Shut your yap, Sigmund!"

She snapped.

"I will turn your breakfast into breadcrumbs, you can kiss your chicken meat goodbye then!"


Nagisa bowed once.

"Sorry about yesterday."

"It's fine, I also blew my tops off, we are even now."

Charlotte turned her head the other way.

"What, you guys don't have enough money to eat?"

"Well, in a way."

He sighed. He grabbed something from his pocket and flicked it in Charlotte's direction.

"We don't have cash, that's all."

Charlotte caught the shining object. She was stunned by the weight in her hand.

It was a glistening gold coin.

"A gold coin?'

She tensed up.

"Hmm, this is unexpected, or, maybe I should say this was to be expected...?"

Sigmund shook his draconic head.

"You can command 5 automata. Money shouldn't have been an issue. But, I didn't think you only had gold coins, so many in fact, that you can casually grab one from your pocket."

"There are many rich people in the school."

Natsuki continued.

"Lady, you're a noble lady, right?"

"Who do you think I am?"

She gave her a sharp gaze.

"I was granted a Unicorn medal by the Queen herself, I am Charlotte Belew of the Earl House of Belew!"

Charlotte said that with pride as if they should be awed by her presence.

It certainly sounded like a big deal.

Natsuki didn't say anything, Astrea also kept mum because she knew it wasn't the right time to make a sound.

However, she could only silence her mouth.

Rumble growl...

Astrea's stomach rang out loud.


Astrea sagged her shoulders.

"I am hungry..."

Charlotte's prideful look collapsed.

"You're doing this on purpose!"

She glared at him before smashing the gold coin back into Wu Yan's palm.

Charlotte walked into the hallway before turning back.

"Well? Come on, I thought you were all hungry? You wanna starve?"


Astrea looked back at Wu Yan.



Nagisa and Kanon exchanged a look.

"You girls..."

He shook his head.

"Go ahead, follow her."

"Yeah! Food, here I come!"

She chased after Charlotte.

"Charlotte Belew! I was wrong, you're a good guy!"

"Who are you calling a good girl?!"

"Oh, then you're a bad girl!"


"You're not?"

"Ahhh!!! Fine! I am a bad girl!"

Charlotte stomped into the hallway with Astrea bouncing around her. Wu Yan tagged behind them with a frustrated look.

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