Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1573: Wu Yan's squad

The workshops and other foundries probably had methods to reproduce the Eve's heart. He didn't have to choose this academy in particular.

It's a very common magic circuit.

In fact, it's the cheapest magic circuit out there in the market.

He could probably sneak into a workshop and get the template easily.

It certainly beats paying a ton of money to study at Walpurgis Academy where he might get embroiled in annoying brawls.

He is here because he knew the plot of Unbreakable Machine revolved mostly around this academy.

There are troubles here but he watched the first season so he got the gist of what would happen here.

His prior knowledge made operations here easier than sneaking around the city.

Moreover, the exorbitant enrollment fee is nothing to his vast wealth.

It's like pocket change to start in an area he is familiar with.

"A life-mimicking magic circuit..."

Natsuki was intrigued.

"What does it look like?"

"It can give lifeless dolls a will and sentience. Strange enough though, it's not that rare."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"It's just a poor mimicry at creating life. Humans have more fascinating spells than the cool parlor trick known as Eve's Hearts."

"Well, easy for you to say, Mr-I-Have-103,000-Grimoires."

Natsuki rolled her eyes.

"On Itogami Island, I have never heard of a magic spell that can breathe life into dolls made from cogs and metal."

"But, there are artificial humans and cloning, right?"

"A feat of science rather than magic. Plus, AI is also a form of sentience-mimicry, right? These automata are like dolls with advanced AI in them, yes?"

"Ignoring clones, for now, artificial humans are treated as demons back on that island."

She knocked Wu Yan with her fan.

"You were an Assault Mage, you should know this by now."


He rubbed his sore head before looking at Nagisa."

"Oh, speaking of demons, are you okay with automata?"

"I am fine."

Nagisa lay on the bed with her hands propping up her chin. She kicked her feet while beaming at him.

"They're just dolls with their own will, right? I don't really understand the concept."

"Yes, in a way."

"They're just dolls, I am not afraid of them."


She glomped Astrea.

"Astrea-chan is an artificial angel, I am not afraid of her."

"I am not an artificial angel, I am an Angeloid!"

She huffed.

"Tomato tomato!"

"It's not the same! Baka Nagisa-nee!"

The two tussled while Ikaros, Wu Yan, Natsuki, and Kanon watched on with faint smiles.

"Anyway, the System forced us to act like automata, right? We have most of our powers sealed."

Natsuki looked at the Sealing Bracelet.

"We need you to supply us with magic. Plus, we can only use spells that are commensurate with the magic power you give us. Even some movements need your magic input or we can't execute them, talk about being literal leashes on our freedom."

The other ladies looked at their Sealing Bracelets in turn.

They tried to use their skills and spells but they couldn't.

It felt like they had no gas to start the car that is their magic processing facility.

Wu Yan is the fuel injector and fuel tank for them.

Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon were restricted in a harsher manner.

Since Wu Yan summoned them as Vassal Beasts, they were continuously drawing on Wu Yan's magic power to stay manifested. If he cuts off the magic power supply, the trio will return to Wu Yan.

Fortunately, Wu Yan is like an infinite mana pool, otherwise, the magic power drain would have incapacitated an average mage in minutes.

"But, you all have something different from the automata in this realm."

He shook his head.

"The automata here can't use more than one spell per automaton. Excluding the Eve's Heart, of course."

He reminded them.

"That is to say, you all better don't use more than 1 ability or people might suspect something is up. It would be annoying dealing with the fallout."

Natsuki chimed in.

"Let's follow the description you wrote on the registration form."


Wu Yan mumbled.

"Okay, Natsuki, you can still use your spatial manipulation spells but you should hide your Guardian Gold Rain summoning for now."

"The Chains of Commandments count as my weapon, it's not a spell."

Natsuki nodded.

"Okay, no Gold Rain."

"Mine is healing..."

Kanon said.

"I will just heal, I won't use my cleansing ability."

"I can use ice manipulation."

Nagisa interrupted.

"I will tell Avrora to avoid using her Ice Titan mode."


Astrea tried to recall what Wu Yan wrote for her.

"Your spell is Photon Sword, you can manipulate your blade on a molecular level and create an incredibly sharp blade that can vary in length."

He said.

"Don't use your shield while fighting."

He looked at Ikaros.

"Ikaros is waveform barrier. You can use your Aegis to cover me and Kanon."

"Protect Master."

Ikaros nodded.

"Yes sir!"

That's how Wu Yan formed his squad.

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