Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1572: The quest items

Walpurgis Academy is the top academic institution when it comes to Automata. There are many renowned guests who came here as a result of this reputation.

The academy built guest houses for these esteemed guests to house them when they visit.

The guest house is bigger than a standard dorm, it is divided into three floors.

The first floor is for regular guests.

The second floor is for VIPs from various nations.

The third floor is for nobles and royal family members.

Wu Yan, as a student-to-be is also assigned to this guest house by the academy for the time being.

Wu Yan's lack of background meant that the second and third floors were off-limits to him.

He was assigned to a room on the first floor. Despite the lack of generous treatment, as a very upscale academy, even the bare minimum was grand by the commoner's standard.

When he opened the door to his room, they saw a huge room, unlike the dorms they had in mind.

As fitting a massive mansion of a guest house, the room was large enough to accommodate at least 3 people with three beds lining the walls of the room.

There is also furniture like chairs tables cupboards.

The window opened to a small balcony with plants decorating the place. The faint breeze from the ajar window carried a floral scent into their nostrils.

This dorm room is already very luxurious.

This is acceptable to him.

Natsuki who had higher standards in terms of materiality also found this room pleasing, judging by her satisfied look.


Astrea and Nagisa jumped onto the bed at the same time as they bounced around.

"This is nice..."


Ikaros approached Wu Yan with a  pot of tea.

"Please help yourself to some tea..."

"Thanks, Ikaros..."

He rubbed Ikaros' head before picking up a cup of tea.


Kanon also passed Natsuki some tea.

"Here's yours..."

"Thanks, Kanon."

Natsuki thanked her before accepting the cup of tea.

"Well, now that we are here, your mission should have started by now, right?"

Wu Yan shook his head.

"No, the objective this time needs to be initiated after we enroll."

He opened the quest menu.

The ladies saw the projection and the details of the third round of the Path of Demigods.

Special Quest: Path of the Demigods

Round: 3

Quest Universe: Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Quest requirement: Obtain 1,000,000 Eve's heart

The Path of Demigods replaced the quests in this universe. Once the third round is concluded, the user can leave this world.

The time dilation is 100:1 in terms of time elapsed here and Silvaria relatively. Level up as hard as you can, happy grinding.

Magic circuits are special parts installed in automata. When infused with magic energy, these magical scripts operate and give the automata various abilities.

Magic circuits can contain only one Magic art, that is, only one type of spell per automaton. These circuits replace the tomes and spells mages of an older era used. If magic spells were bulbs, these circuits were magic bulbs that would light up when given magic power.

Automatons can't contain more than one spell/magic circuit. This is what the theory of Magic Activity Dissonance posits.

However, there is one exception to this rule.

The Eve's Heart. It is like the core of life for automata.

Through this, automata gained will, wisdom, intelligence, and other characteristics of sentient life.

The Eve's Heart can co-exist with other Magic circuits.

Eve's Heart is very crucial to sustaining "life" for automata.

If an automaton is damaged, it can still be repaired.

However, damage to Eve's Heart is usually irreversible. Severe damage would lead to the death of that automaton.

For this mission, he needed to obtain 1 million Eve's Hearts.

He probably needs to kill a million automata to finish this mission.

The Eve's Heart is like the soul of these machines, killing 1 million automata?

Well, that's like killing a million people.

Killing off so many automata would raise a lot of eyebrows.

Wu Yan decided to study at Walpurgis Academy to come up with another way.

Creating the Eve's Heart with the technology of this world.

This sounds like a more efficient method than going out there and killing a million automata.

Surely, he would be able to discover how to make them at the biggest academy in the world.

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