Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1569: The ladies' magic circuit

Walpurgis Royal Machinart Academy is the most famous academy in the school. If anyone wanted to learn top-tier puppet machining magic they would come here.

Naturally, the school had high requirements for anyone wishing to enroll.

Rich and powerful families can get in by donating or contributing material wealth. However, only the truly gifted can enter without paying the full tuition.

The Walpurgis Royal Academy charged royal fees for enrollment. Only rich families and nobles can afford the dues of this school.

People who wanted to enroll here needed wealthy backers too.

The wealthy backers can be the military, financial organizations, churches, or commercial alliances.

Anyway, they are more than happy to fund these talented individuals.

Talented and powerful Puppeteers can increase the power of a nation. Some of them are even stronger than a brigade of soldiers.

Each nation poured resources into raising promising Puppeteers. Granted, the individuals must be really talented to be worth the government's time.

To study at this academy means having a fat wallet or having access to one. End of the story.

Now, Wu Yan might be a newcomer when it comes to Puppet magic but he isn't poor.

He has 0 experience in Machine Art and Puppet Magic but he has tons of money.

He doesn't need a sponsor. Ikaros, Natsuki, Astrea, Kanon, and Nagisa could probably cooperate and make it look like he has Puppet skills but that is missing the point.

He can enroll as many students as he wants in this school given his wealth.

"Excuse me..."

In front of a stunned admin worker, Wu Yan took out about 100 pieces of gold coin. He slammed the bag down on the table as if to emphasize his point.

"I want to enroll here!"


The worker caught himself before adjusting his glasses.

Most of the time, students only signed up at their desks. He rarely ever saw anyone signing up and bringing with them a heavy sack of gold coins.

It isn't practical to pay with paper money as that would take two whole boxes when it comes to paying off the tuition of this academy.

Usually, the financial organization or backer of the student would pay at a secure location. Then, the student would bring along proof of payment and their IDs for registration and enrollment.

It's the first time the admin worker saw anyone pay with a bag of gold coins.

After carefully storing the bag of gold away, the admin worker presented a registration form.

"Please fill out your details."

Wu Yan frowned at a section of the form.

"I need to fill in details about my automata?"


The worker answered.

"Once you enroll, your automata cannot leave the school premise. This is to identify your automata."

In other words, they needed to keep tabs on automata.

It's like signing into a prison.

He looked at the ladies behind him.

The ladies nodded. Natsuki didn't seem to mind.


He shrugged.

He filled out the name and magic circuit.

Minamiya Natsuki: Magic circuit - Spatial manipulation; ability to manipulate space

Ikaros: Magic circuit - Particle oscillation barrier; through manipulating vibration in air molecules, this automata can create barriers

Avrora: Magic circuit - Ice mist; thermal manipulation specialized in freezing air and environment

Kanase Kanon: Magic circuit - Healing; can heal and make targets recover from serious injuries in no time at all

Astrea: Magic circuit - Atomic sword; laser sword that can manipulate its sharpness on a molecular level, can also expand or shrink sword size at will

Wu Yan passed the form back while ignoring the weird looks his ladies gave him.

"That is all, right?"


The worker quickly scanned the registration form before storing it away.

"Your automata and their battle abilities will not be divulged to outsiders, it is only for security and surveillance purposes."

He gave him a key.

"We have trial tests tomorrow. The invigilator will place you in an appropriate dorm based on your abilities. Meanwhile, please rest in the guest house we provided you for a night."


He accepted the key.

"Let's go."

He left the office with his ladies in tow.


Nagisa protested.

"Why did you list me down as Avrora? Nagisa should have been fine, right?"

"But, you're not good at fighting, right?"

He tapped her head.

"Avrora is the one who is going to do the fighting."

"Yeah, I guess..."

"It just feels like Nagisa was left out."

"Nagisa is Avrora, the same is true otherwise."

He rubbed her head.

"Avrora would be sad to hear you trying to differentiate so hard between you two."

Nagisa cheered up.

"True, we share a body."

"Look at you, making up Magic Circuit names for us."

Natsuki shook her head.

"This way, we can't use abilities other than those mentioned in the form, right?"

"It's just a disguise."

He shrugged.

"If you want to, you can still-"


A pained yelp could be heard before Wu Yan finished his sentence.

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