Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1570: An accident? The lady and her dragon


Nagisa who had been backpedaling as she chatted with Wu Yan also fell.

Someone bumped into Nagisa.


Nagisa and the other individual tumbled away from one another.


Wu Yan caught Nagisa.


The other individual fell on her butt.


She yelped in pain as everyone looked at her.

Her blonde hair fluttered in the wind as she tried to stand up.

She looked like a budding lady around the age of 17. Nonetheless, this lady had potential, she wasn't a walking Howitzer but the materials were already there.

She wore the female uniform of the Walpurgis Academy. She had a white dress shirt, grey miniskirt, black boots, and a blue beret cap that was topped off with a red ribbon. She also had a blue tie that gave away her identity as a sophomore at the academy.

Her elf-like appearance and her blond locks placed her in the category of attractive people without a doubt.

However, she was sporting a pained look while rubbing her butt.

Nagisa hurriedly tried to help the lady up.

"I am so sorry, I wasn't looking in front when I bumped into you. Forgive me!"


The lady wanted to scold Nagisa but her earnest and teary look stopped her. She snorted before turning her head the other way.

"Forget about it."

"Are you okay?"

A wise old voice rang out.

They looked into the air to see a small dragon flying around.

That is without a doubt, a dragon!

It had a metallic grey scaly armor, the head of a crocodile or a lizard, and horns near its head. Despite that, the dragon had a regal appearance rather than a malevolent one.

It also had two pair of wings. The way the wings were structured, the dragon looked more like a flying lizard-butterly mix than a flying wyrm depicted in myths.


Nagisa's red eyes lit up.



The dragon seemed to be stunned to respond.

This is probably the first time anyone called the dragon cute.

"Don't lump Sigmund in with cute things like dolls."

The lady glared at Nagisa. She hurriedly retreated behind Wu Yan.

Looks like this lady has quite the temper.


Astrea defended Nagisa.

"Don't bully Nagisa-nee!"

"Your sister?"

She compared Nagisa who had a petite frame with Astrea who looked like a walking succubus.

Then, she pitied Nagisa.

Astrea looks like the older one no matter how one sliced it.

Granted, Astrea could still use a few software updates to her brain.

Anyone with a higher IQ than Astrea is technically her elder.

Nagisa is Astrea's mental elder despite losing physically. Nagisa is also proud to be called Astrea's sister.

She looked at Astrea before growling.

"She bumped into me first!"

"Nagisa apologized."

Astrea puffed her cheeks.

"You yelled at her so you're bullying her!"

"I-I am bullying her! What are you going to do about it?!"

She roamed her gaze over everyone.

"Looks like you're all freshmen. Don't think you can talk your way out of everything at this school, you think you can win with numbers?"


Astrea yelled out.

"I don't need to gang up on you!"


Sigmund landed on the lady's raised right hand.

"You want to duel me?"



Wu Yan spoke out.



Astrea is discontent but she returned.


She looked at Wu Yan before turning back to Astrea.

"Master? That means she's your automaton?"

"What's an Automaton?"

Astrea tilted her head.

"I am Master's close combat multi-purpose Angeloi-!"

Wu Yan covered her mouth.

"She's my Doll."

He smiled.

"They're all my dolls, including the one who bumped into you."

"Your Automata?!"

She flinched.

Astrea, Ikaros, Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa, were all human-like.

There are humanoid Automata but the ones that were made with so much semblance to real-life dolls are very rare to see even in the metropolis of Automata.

Automata are supposed to be just steel and gears given shape.

This is the first time she couldn't tell a Doll from another human.

"You said they are all your Automata?"

She looked at the ladies again.

"You're moving around with 5 dolls? Can you control all of them in a fight?"

"Don't know."

He shrugged.

"Right, mind leading me to the guest house of this academy?"

"I am sorry?"

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