Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1568: Walpurgis Royal Academy of Machinart

With his grimoires sealed by the Sealing Bracelet, Wu Yan needed to cast spells using long chants. This isn't favorable in a mage fight in this universe.

His other abilities and superhuman True Ancestor physique were also sealed.

Even his Red Jade mode and most other Vassal Beasts were sealed.

He unleashed Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa the moment he got the notification. Even then, the System quickly closed the loophole by sealing them with Sealing Bracelets too.

Wu Yan only has Eternal Arms Mastery to back him up. Other than that, he is about as average as the layman outside.

Currently, with Eternal Arms Mastery, he is at best a tier 5 fighter. Maybe if he uses magic enhancements, he can fight on par with a tier 6 fighter but that is his limit.

Fortunately for him, items aren't forbidden. He can use the Gate of Babylon since it is like an Inventory Box. He can also use Nietono No Shana, Meteor Shower, and other Noble phantasms.

He could probably kill weaker Automata on his own but he would need bigger guns against stronger automata.

He needs his ladies to fight for him in the end.

He is now a Puppeteer, a half-baked one at that.

Puppeteers are supposed to be deft at handling automata operations.

However, he couldn't operate a simple one.

Ikaros, Astrea, Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa are all as free-willed as they come.

He has 0 experience handling real automata so his puppeteering skills are nil too.

Aside from infusing magic power into his vassal beasts, there isn't a need for him to control them.

This is the reason why he is interested in the Puppeteering magic of this world.

"Looks fun..."

Nagisa's eyes brimmed with ecstaticism.

"There are many robots here like Itogami island. Why aren't they equipped with weapons? I thought they're supposed to fight?"

"Battle automata have Magic circuits. These automata can only move around as they don't have those circuits."

He patted Nagisa's head.

"If there are fighting automata everywhere, imagine the chaos that would ensue..."

"The robots on Itogami Island can't use magic unlike these battle-specialized automata."

Natsuki lifted her parasol.

"This world is more interesting than I presumed..."

"I wonder how strong are these automata..."

He scratched his cheek.

"I need to know where I stand in terms of power in this universe."

"You would fail the basic exam, that's for sure."

Natsuki slammed him.

"But, your 'automata' are top-of-the-line..."

"You could have gone easier on me, we both want to know how much our powers were restricted..."

Wu Yan curled his lips.

"Well, we will find out sooner or later."


Astrea rubbed her stomach while shooting puppy eyes in Wu Yan's direction.

"I am hungry..."

"Okay fine..."

He shook his head.

"Let's finish what we need to do at the academy first."


Nagisa and Astrea nodded at the same time. Ikaros and Kanon also nodded before trailing behind Wu Yan like cool ladies.

The cool and lively ladies attracted the attention of many.

Natsuki looked like the quiet mascot when she stood between the bubbly ladies.

They went deeper into the city of automata with Wu Yan as the lead.

The Walpurgis Royal Academy is the highest academic authority on Puppet magic and automata.

It looked like a giant castle city. It spanned far and wide that it trumped any large buildings nearby.

It looked daunting from a distance and even more magnificent up close.

The walls surrounding the academy were 5 meters tall with stone spikes on top of them.

There are also turrets near the gates. These aren't for show.

They're real and they aren't used for defending the school. It's for killing runners.

Runners refer to automata that run amok.

The rules of the school state that students who are still enrolled must keep their automata in school at all times.

If they take the automata out intentionally or otherwise, the school will shoot their automata down without hesitation.

This is like a prison for battle automata.


Astrea and Nagisa looked at the giant academy.

"You girls done with the preparations?"

Wu Yan roamed his gaze over his ladies.

"Once we enter, you girls can't leave the academy for a while."


Nagisa grumbled.

"I want to tour the city..."

"Automata can't leave the school premise, huh?"

Natsuki looked at the turrets on the walls.

"Meaningless restriction, to me, that is..."

Wu Yan shrugged.

"Yeah, you're the Witch of the Void, you can travel through teleportation and warps so I doubt the guns could stop you."


Nagisa hugged her arm.

"You need to bring me along if you head out into the city, okay?"

The others laughed out loud.

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