Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1567: Unbreakable machine doll's universe, heavily restricted.

Choo Choo

The train slowly stopped as the alarm was rung by the operator.


The train emitted jets of steam as the engine slowly stopped too.

Staff in uniforms surrounded the traina s they got to work.

The guests left the train after the doors opened.

Wu Yan, Ikaros, Astrea, Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa left the train too.

They didn't have any baggage with them, unlike the other travelers. It looked like they came to receive guests since they looked nothing like travelers.

It is a city that just harnessed the power of steam.

There are buildings that looked like they had ancient designs. The churches, cathedrals, and other religious buildings looked old in particular.

There are also obsolete 20th-century cars milling around slowly. Meanwhile, horse-drawn carriages sped past them.

The fashion sense here is also old as they weren't any individuals in casual clothing. Everyone was wearing formal suits and dresses.

However, unlike Earth, there are automatons everywhere. The shiny metallic exterior suggested that these gears and cogs constructions were very ubiquitous since they were manning stalls, moving around on the streets, and carrying heavy objects around.

The automatons blended in well with the city life.

These automatons are the biggest inventions of this century.

They don't need steam power, electricity, or light to generate energy. They can move around when fed magic power.

They are also the main fighters of this universe.

"Finally, this world..."

Wu Yan mumbled as he looked at the fantasy-like scene of an olden age combined with automatons roaming the streets.

"Unbreakable Machine-Doll..."

The third round is set here.

The Machine-Doll referred to the automatons.

These automatons had Magic Circuits.

These automatons needed these circuits to function properly.

The circuits incorporate chants and other components of magecraft into a circuit that only needed magic power to initiate and operate the automatons.

This is known as Puppet Magic and the puppeteers are known simply as such.

The automatons and their puppeteers worked in tandem to achieve something mages couldn't do in the past, quick and swift magic spells unleashed consecutively.

Magicians broke their limitations of long chants by using Magic circuits and automaton puppetry.

It became the mainstream type of magic, overwhelming other forms of magic in many fields, including war...

Magicians weren't worth anything if they couldn't command at least an automaton.

The fights between puppet masters are the main plots driving this universe's original work.

They arrived at the English magic school known as the city of Automatons, Liverpool.

The Academy of this city is the main destination Wu Yan & co tried to reach.

They looked at the rickety machines around them before Wu Yan looked at a silver band on his wrist.

The bracelet of restriction.

Just like back in Fate Kaleidoscope, the third round came with restrictions.

He and his summons were bound by these bracelets.

They had lower levels than Fate Kaleidoscope.

Ikaros: Level 69

Astrea: Level 69

Ikaros and Astrea were locked at peak tier 7 power. Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa were also locked at peak tier 7 power.

More importantly...

Name: Wu Yan

Equipment Points: 111,100

Item Points: 200,000

Ability Points: 101,000

Summoning Points: 131,000

Level : 0

He was locked at the same level as normal humans.

Levels aren't everything, he can still plot and use measures normal mortals can't fathom. However, he is severely weakened compared to his comrades.

His special powers were also locked away.

His inhuman strength and durability were depowered to mortal levels.

He also couldn't chantlessly or quickly cast the spells in his 103,000 grimoires.

He only had his inhuman regenerative abilities and a ton of magic power to back him up. He also had Eternal Arms Mastery so he could win bar fights easily.

The System forced him to fight on the same level as the mages of this universe, through automatons.

Ikaros, Astrea, Natsuki, Nagisa, and Kanon became his automatons.

They must fight using the mana provided by Wu Yan.

They don't have magic circuits but they can't use magic without Wu Yan's magic power provision.

If Wu Yan doesn't give them magic power then they will be as powerless as the layman walking the streets.

Needless to say, the restrictions this time is severe.

He let out Natsuki, Kanon, and Nagisa because there is a chance that Ikaros and Astrea can't handle ambushes by strong foes. He wasn't going to risk it by only having two ladies watch his front and back.

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