Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1566: Arriving in a low-tech world

The soft sun rained down its glow on the fertile earth.

A soft gale blew as it caressed the grass and flowers here. Anyone gazing upon this scenery would find their mood improving given the serene nature of this environment.

A railway extended into the distance in the middle of this beautiful field. It looked like a metal dragon that snaked around the hills here.

This metal dragon led to a nearby bustling city.

Choo choo

The distinctive noise of a train's horn echoed.

The train emitted black smoke that rose into the sky. Then, the train traveled on the rail as the cargo rattled slightly.

The scenery flew by for the passengers inside the train.

It was traveling at a speed that far surpassed horse carriages.

One could see the buildings in the city becoming bigger as the train approached.

There are also cars slowly milling around the streets if one inspected closer.

However, these cars were primitive in technology, design, and pretty much everything else when compared to automobiles in the 21st century.

Yes, this city is bustling for this world but it felt old for anyone that came from the future.

One could see steam going into the air almost everywhere in the city.

The steam-powered era is something enshrined in the annals of history as technology hundreds of years ago.

A group of six individuals conversed in one of the cabins of the train.


A petite lady with black hair and red eyes admired.

"This is a nice town. It's my first time being inside a town like this, do they have attractions here? Like aquariums?"

"Ah, aquariums, the place with lots of fishes, right?"

A blonde well-endowed lady started drooling.

"Sounds like a tasty place."

"Listen here, Astrea, those fishes are not for consumption. If you eat it, they will sue you and you will have to pay them for the damages..."


Astrea sat back as if someone just burst her bubble.

"What a boring place, what's the point if you can't eat the fish?"

"Anyway, fishes in aquariums aren't for you to eat!"

Then a pony-tailed lady told her off.

"Astrea-chan, there are restaurants where you can eat food and hotels where you can sleep. A bistro is where you go to eat and drink to your fill. Most other places wouldn't allow you to eat as you please..."

"I see..."

Astrea responded like an eager student.

"Nagisa-nee, are there hotels, bistros, and hotels in the town?"


Nagisa continued teaching Astrea like a teacher.

"I guess you wouldn't know since you wondered about aquariums..."

Wu Yan shook his head.

"Nagisa is just happy to be outside here."

A silver-haired lady who looked like a holy maiden smiled back at Wu Yan.

"Although she did nothing but sleep inside you, she prefers hanging out with other people out here."

"How about you, Kanon?"

He inched closer.

"Do you like it out here?"

"I do..."

She blushed slightly.

"As long as I am near sensei..."

"Nagisa is also in a high-tension state when she was inside you."

A little girl in black Lolita dress interrupted them. She waved her fan before continuing her explanation.

"As your Vassal Beasts, we can see what you see through the consciousness link between us. We can even peek into your memories, Nagisa was curious so she peeked into a ton of your memories..."

Wu Yan gasped.

"Nagisa, Kanon, and Natsuki, you three read my memories?"

"You didn't say we can't..."

Natsuki replied.

"We needed to read up on your info after becoming your vassal beasts..."

He looked at them.

Nagisa didn't hear them because she is still teaching Astrea about the world near the windows of the cabin.

Kanon nodded bashfully.


He bitterly laughed.

"Fortunately, I didn't do anything bad."


Natsuki waved her fan.

"Ikaros, if you would please, another cup of tea."


Ikaros looked at Wu Yan.

"Hey, don't order your ally around, this is your first time meeting her after all."

He rubbed Ikaros' head.

"Ikaros, please pour her a cup of tea."


Ikaros poured the brownish-red liquid into a cup for Natsuki.

Natsuki drank the tea as her expression mellowed out.

"Great tea as usual, if this is what it means to become your vassal beast then I don't mind lending my help for tea of such caliber."

"That's a cheap price."

Wu Yan retorted.

"You signed up to be a vassal beast because I made great tea?"

"Don't forget."

"You didn't really give me much choice when you turned me into your vassal beast like a brute pillaging a village."


He choked on his words.

He did the same thing to Nagisa and Kanon too.

His Youkai Insignia turned them into his vassal beasts.

Vassals Beasts that in theory will do everything he says.

The Youkai Insignia still isn't fully understood yet. Needless to say, something that can subordinate other individuals is a dangerous object.

The restrictions are also equally high to use it on another person.

It needed the target to have magic power similar or compatible with the True Ancestor in addition to reaching a high level of emotional affinity with each other before triggering.

It will only turn the target into vassal beasts once the target achieved synchronism in terms of physical and mental compatibility.

The Youkai Insignia didn't trigger after exiting the Strike the Blood universe.

In the first place, the conditions that trigger their transformations into vassal beasts probably couldn't be replicated anywhere else or on whoever else.

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