Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1565: The fleeting beauty




Time froze as Wu Yan looked at Hinagiku and Mikoto. They also stopped there with their faces red in shame and flustered out of their minds.

It's not the first time he saw them in their birthday suits, however, this situation is beyond his comprehension.

Why are they naked?

It's the first question that came to mind.

Hinagiku and Mikoto got angry first.


The two swung their fists in his direction.

"We told you not to come here!"

He evaded the punches with a master's footwork.

"I didn't expect... This..."

He pointed to the situation in front of him while shaking his head.

"Okay, mind telling me why you two were walking around nude?"

He asked.

Wait, this seems familiar. Going out and then coming back naked.

Didn't this happen to him also?

He got robbed of his clothes by the Sisters outside.

Hinagiku and Mikoto most likely encountered the same situation.

"I didn't know they would do this!"

Mikoto protested while huffing.

"We were hanging out fine when one of them started bartering for our clothes. Then, more joined the bandwagon..."

"They kept pushing us!"

Hinagiku explained as she tried to shield what she could with her arms.

Wu Yan could more or less guess what happened next.

After all, Misaka 10032 pulled one over him too. The rest of the Sisters must have obtained that intel since they're connected to the Misaka Network.

They were all victims of the vicious Sisters.

"Listen up."

Mikoto threatened Wu Yan.

"If you tell the others what you saw today, I will electrocute you like those frogs we use for dissection in biology classes."

"I will cut you up."

Hinagiku chimed in.

"Since you won't die anyway, we will do it!"

Hinagiku and Mikoto made a beeline for their rooms which were past the living room.


The two ran without giving him a chance to catch up.

The rest of the ladies would probably end up in the same state if he doesn't warn them.

The Sisters of Isekai Metropolis are now a menace. Anyone who isn't wise enough will lose everything.

For now, they should stay at home.

He concluded as he turned around.

"They could have found a shop and bought more clothes, why did they have to run back naked?"

Wu Yan didn't understand their minds.

As the only male in Isekai Metropolis, he decided that he was the only one getting free shows so he decided to live and let live.

Tap tap tap

He heard people approaching the living room.

His eyes brightened up when he sensed the presence of two exceedingly voluptuous ladies.

One of them had blonde locks with a white ribbon tying them into a neat ponytail.

She had a white shirt that did its best to keep her bust in check. However, the loose buttons suggested the white shirt is at the end of its ropes. Her porcelain white skin went well with her gray miniskirt. Her leather boots couldn't hide her long and lithe legs. Nobody would have any negative comments when they saw this paragon of feminine charms.

There are wings-esque accessories near her ears, giving her a cute vibe too.

She tied her hair into two long braids that ended up hidden behind her shoulders.

Then, the other one.

Most strikingly, her hair was pink. This lady wore a pink dress that complemented her hair color. Her smooth shoulders and snow-white legs were in full view. Like Astrea, she had a nuclear-level figure that made it hard to forget her once someone saw her.

Astrea: Level 82

Ikaros: Level 83

The two stellar beauties entered his field of vision.

He was silenced by their beauty, it has been a while since he last saw them.

Ikaros and Astrea also noticed the silent gazer. One of them lit up while the other smiled like a good wife.


Astrea flew in his direction without hesitation.

"You dumbo!"

He scolded her for breaking this scenery.

If he doesn't catch her, she will most likely hit the pavement with her chin.

He dashed forth and hugged Astrea before she fell.


His chest hit two incredibly big and bouncy objects. Her clothes were almost bursting from the sudden increase in bewb pressures.

He also almost lost his control before he tapped Astrea's head in frustration.

"What if you fell? You silly girl!"


Astrea whimpered in pain.

She snapped at him.

"Master is a baka! Mega stupid head!"

"You brat..."

He turned to the side.


Ikaros slowly approached him with her still green eyes. She could barely contain her own love and excitement for him.


He mellowed out as he rubbed Ikaros' head.

"I missed you..."

Ikaros tightened her clasped hands as she enjoyed the head rub of bliss.

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