Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1564: A great night

The night slowly approached...

With the soft glow of the night covering the Isekai Metropolis in a moonlit veil, the buildings took on a mystic shade.

The buildings with windmills on them had their mills spun by the cheeky winds. The streets are lit as if powered by renewables.

The pavements were also lit by themselves.

They were made of magic pebbles that glimmered on their own.

The streets lit up in an iridescent glow as the night darkened.

The girls researched the lands that had these stones as they hunt down animals and cleared quarries to get these stones.

Some went bulk purchasing in the supply towns.

Some contacted Lulu and Fei Fei for help.

This is how they constructed an entire city out of magical shining stones.

It was worth it too since the world had no other locations that boasted a magical townscape like this where every building were built differently and the streets lit up at night magically.

The beauty almost made it so that people didn't dare tread on the beautiful scene lest they mar it with their feet.

The Sisters enjoyed the night as they visited various places.

The pyramid of the Isekai Metropolis shone brightly in the night as if piled by golden blocks that lit up with magical means.

This daunting building would make the royals green with envy given its beauty and opulence.

Even with this breathtaking scenery, some are not as amused.

Wu Yan was in the Core of the City with his head lowered. He walked like an undead before shambling and crashing near a couch.

He lost his pants.

Fair and square, he lost his boxers to 10032.

As he plead for death, he handed over the boxer to Misaka 10032 as a host of Misaka sisters murmured and watched on.

Misaka 10032 treated that like her treasure. She even gave Wu Yan all her Takoyakis, she quickly folded and ran away without looking back.

The Sisters started hawking their products to Wu Yan as they thought of various strategies to loot Wu Yan of his belongings.

Soon, he lost all his clothes. He felt like he lost something more than just his boxers as he had to hand it over in front of Misaka 10032, meaning he took it off in front of her.

In the end, he was left with not a single article of clothing after the Sisters were done with him.

Fortunately, there are only Sisters in the town.

The rest of the ladies are still soaking in the miraculous lake.

Fortunately for him, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Yukari aren't here to see this pitiful sight.

Lastly, he was lucky to find one of the sisters opening a male clothing shop.

Otherwise, he would feel like a drained soul in the Isekai Metropolis.

"I am so dumb..."

He grumbled.

"Why did I have to go shopping? Why did I have to get those Takoyakis? Why did I duel her? Why didn't I run?"

He asked himself like a man at his wits' end.

He cheered himself up.

"It's fine, nobody but the Sisters know, isn't that right?!"

"If I forget about this then nobody will have to know."

"Yes, that is it."

Wu Yan lowered his head to see someone had left a note for him on the table.

'Good equipment you've got there, keep at it.'

Wu Yan knew who it was without trying to discern the handwriting.

Only Yukari had the ability to keep an eye on the place and the cheekiness to tease him like this.

"I am so dumb..."

"Why did I have to go shopping? Why did I have to get those Takoyakis? Why did I duel her? Why didn't I run?"

He grumbled again.

Then, he heard something like two series of footsteps approaching the living room.

"Who goes there?"

Two heads peeked in near the door.

"Hinagiku? Mikoto?"

Wu Yan felt a bit troubled.

"What are you two doing?"

Hinagiku and Mikoto yelped when Wu Yan caught them.


Hinagiku asked.

"Y-You're still awake?"

"I probably won't be sleeping anytime soon."

Wu Yan wrinkled his brows.

"Some of the ladies are about to wake up, I am going to bring them on the third round of the Path of Demigod. Hinagiku and Mikoto, you two should stay here."


Mikoto said as if she is afraid Wu Yan might pull back this suggestion.

"Then go!"

"I said I am waiting for them."

Wu Yan felt something off.

"Why are you two hiding behind the door? What is there to hide?"

Wu Yan stood up.

"Stop right there!"

Wu Yan was standing up when the two ladies stared daggers into him.

"Don't come here! Sit down!"


Hinagiku and Mikoto's denial of encroachment seemed odd.

"What's wrong? You two sick or something?"

"Yeah! We're sick!"

Mikoto said.

"Don't come here or we might infect you!"

"What kind of BS is that?"

Wu Yan looked at them.

"Which dumb True Ancestors died from a cold?"

"This isn't a normal illness..."

Hinagiku's forced smile and bad lie sold her out.

"It's a disease that can kill a True Ancestor..."

"Is that so?"

Wu Yan grinned.

"Sounds scary..."

His dangerous grin caused Mikoto and Hinagiku to cringe.

Wu Yan faded from existence. The next time he appeared, he was already behind the ladies.

Now, he knew why they were hiding from view.

Their delicate butts were in full view now that he was standing behind them.

Yes, they weren't wearing anything.

Mikoto and Hinagiku turned around with a deep red blush, it looked like they don't have any clothes left on them.

"Y-You two..."

Wu Yan stuttered.

"What in the world happened?"

They continued looking at him with a look of embarrassment.

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