Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1563: A treasure, an annoying shooting game

Wu Yan looked at the rifle in his hands, for some reason, he was holding a gun in front of a Takoyaki stall.

"What is this?"

"A gun."

Misaka Sister answered without hesitation.

"Yeah, and..."

Wu Yan continued.

"Why did you give me a gun?"

"You wanted to eat my Tako Balls but you don't want to trade on my terms, right?"

Misaka Sister lifted the toy rifle.

"Onii-sama wants my Tako Balls, now you have to follow my rules in this duel. Misaka 10032 explains while sighing at the fact that she couldn't get her hands on Onii-sama's pants."

"A duel?"

He looked at her.

"What duel?"

"A shooting contest."

Misaka 10032 pointed at a range where targets were ready with cloaks on them.

"I made those targets myself. There are points on each part of the targets. You will get the points if you hit those parts. Both of us will get 3 bullets each, whoever has the highest total score will win, Misaka 10032 explains patiently."

"Ah, okay."

Wu Yan got the gist of it.

"If I win, you give me the Takoyaki, yes?"


Misaka 10032 nods.

"If I win, you need to give me your pants. If I get more points than you, that is... Misaka 10032 explains as she hypes herself up for the duel."

"Don't hype yourself for something like that!"

He retorted.

"Also, when did I agree to wager my boxers?!"

"Onii-sama gets what he wants if he wins. In a similar vein, Misaka gets what she wants if she wins, it's a duel."

Misaka 10032 stared at him.

"Or, is Onii-sama thinking about ways to get his hands on my Tako Balls without paying for them? Misaka says she doesn't mind giving them for free but will tag Onii-sama as a moocher."


He felt tired.

While the Sister is cute, the way they don't hide their honest thoughts pained him, especially in a situation like this.

"Now that you put it like that..."

Wu Yan gnashed his teeth.

"I agree to this duel!"

He is not a sharpshooter.

The Meteor Shower is his most familiar ranged weapon, other than that, he is a beginner.

The target is only 5 meters away, he is sure the Sisters trained in marksmanship wouldn't outperform him that much in a low-staked battle like this.

As for the Tako Balls, he didn't really want them that much, he just wanted to try supporting one of the local businesses.

He didn't expect he would be literally betting his pants.

Plus, how hard is it going to be anyway?

"Alright, let's start."

Misaka 10032 pulled off the cloak covering the targets.

"No matter what, I won't lose."

Wu Yan vowed as he tried to protect his boxer.

The moment the target was revealed, he lost his confidence.

The target is a naked man who T-posed like he is Korean Jesus nailed to the cross.

There are various circles denoting where to hit and the points for them.

That's not the reason he lost his confidence.

That target is made using him as the reference.

And, the highest mark 100 is centered around his Johnson.

Wu Yan wiped away the cold sweat on his head.


"Is my treasure."

Misaka 10032 caressed the target. She maintained it well. With deft strokes, she stroked the target's chest and crotch area.

"Since it's Onii-sama, I don't mind bringing out my treasure. Normally, one wouldn't even be able to take a gander at this piece of art. Misaka 10032 puffs her chest out in pride."

She ignored Wu Yan's reaction.

"Misaka is going to begin..."

She said as she pointed her gun at the target. They used pneumatic guns that short corks so the damage to the model is minimal.


The cork hit the model Wu Yan's Johnson accurately.

The sound immediately caused him to cringe.

His face went pale and he felt like he could share the pain of the inanimate object.

It was like the target is a voodoo doll.

Then, Misaka 10032 accurately shot Model Wu Yan in the nether region 2 more times for a total of 3 times.

His back went wet with sweat.

"Onii-sama, how are you doing?"

Misaka lowered her gun.

"Are you disappointed with my marksmanship? Misaka 10032 asks nervously as she wonders if she should up the air pressure..."


Her marksmanship was incredible.

But, Wu Yan is afraid of hitting an exact replica of himself.

He felt his muscles twitching and his hands trembling.

He must hit the target in the highest points area three times to win. He would lose if he shot anyway else or missed even once.

Now, the question is, can he shoot "himself" in the groin three times?

Wu Yan pulled the trigger despite his mental state.

And, just like that, the cork hit the target's chest.


His gun fell to the floor as he stammered out a defeated line.

"It's over..."

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