Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1562: Common sense? The conditions on which the sisters would trade

"Selling fresh pastries here, Misaka 1760 shouts loudly..."

"Come check out the clothes, trendy clothes only for you, Misaka 16307 hawks..."

"Anyone wants to buy a flower? Misaka 2640 surveys the surrounding for clients as she lovingly tends to her flowers..."

"Come check out Misaka's magnum Opus, Misaka 10047 says as she proudly displays her parasol."

In the retro-themed streets of a certain commercial center, the Misaka continued to sell their products.

The bosses of these stalls sold various items.

It looked like a busy street as there were hundreds of pedestrians walking around.

Visitors from outside town would surely be attracted to such a bustling street.

Murasaki said there are two ladies coming out of the lake after their power-up skinny-dipping.

Hence, he told the ladies who went to the Illya universe to go shopping.

He also made sure to check out the streets.

"Misaka readies her stall as Misaka 10032 reports to Onii-sama. She is giving Onii-sama a look that says: 'It's been a long time'."

Misaka 10032 got up close and personal with Wu Yan, her face was 2 inches away from Wu Yan's face. She stared at him unblinkingly.


He laughed.

"I can't read your expressions much less tell your thoughts..."

"I see."

Misaka 10032 pulled away as he sighed in relief.

Then, she started telling him off.

"As our Onii-sama, you should have the ability to do this much at least. I am slightly disappointed in you. Misaka says as she gave Onii-sama the best look of disdain she can put up. She wants her Onii-sama to understand his folly."


Wu Yan grinned.

"I am that dumb..."

"Can't be helped, Misaka vocalized her thoughts..."

Misaka 10032 pointed at her stall.

"Onii-sama, do you want to try my Takoyaki? Misaka 10032 asks as she tries to settle down her disappointment. She hopes Onii-sama will be able to answer favorably."


He shook his head helplessly.

"I want to try them."

"Misaka is happy to hear that."

Misaka 10032 replied with an expressionless look.

"What is the thing you're willing to barter for the Takoyaki? Misaka 10032 asks as she wonders if she should ask Onii-sama to trade his pants for the Takoyaki."

"You ask for undies from other sisters?"

Wu Yan kneeled down in horror.

"If that is the case, I want to set up shop here too."

"Onii-sama wants Misaka's panties? Misaka asked bashfully as she confirmed the theory that all men are beasts..."

"Nope, I am wrong, I don't want it."

"As a man, your non-interest in the undergarment of a cute girl defies logic. Misaka 10032 says as she revisits her previous theory that men who aren't after the knickers of ladies are inherently cold and frosty, this would lend some credence to it."

"I need to see your citations."

"This is common sense. Misaka 10032 says as she expresses her amazement that Onii-sama doesn't know about this."

"You're right, I don't."

"Onii-sama is a dummy! Misaka 10032 concludes."

"Are you giving me my Takoyaki or not?"

"That depends, am I getting Onii-sama's pants? 10032 restates her price."

"Can we barter with something else?"

"Onii-sama, don't tell me you're not wearing any..."


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