Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1554: Second round completed

In a daze, he slowly stirred into consciousness. The void of empty mental whiteness persisted despite his trying to recover.

Then, a surge of pain woke him up again. It was a tug of war between lethargy, unconsciousness, pain, and consciousness.


He opened his eyes.

The familiar ceiling greeted him.

He was back in his bed at home. It looks like he has been asleep for quite some time now.

"What... Happened to me?"

Wu Yan's brain still had fog in it, he tried to recall what transpired before.

He sat up in a groggy state.

The thin blanket sagged down as his window entered his field of vision.

The slow gust carried a floral scent.


He suddenly remembered.

"I got swept up in the ensuing shockwave of Gilgamesh's Ea and my white flames!"

He won in the scuffle.

Ea is a powerful Noble Phantasm but the ability to burn time surpassed its world-splitting attribute.

The white dragon crashed into Gilgamesh and burned it beyond the temporal axis.

He won.

But, the shockwave took him out.

He wasn't hurt but Ea's power was nothing to trifle with, especially in his weakened state.

He used his teleport skills to retrieve the card before getting knocked out.

"The Card!"

His horror shook him awake.

No, it's not in his hands anymore.

"Where is it?"

He peeled his blanket away as he panicked.


Someone opened the door to his room.

Hinagiku entered with a plate of warm food. She went to Wu Yan's side when she saw him being flustered.


She laid the plate of food near the small cupboard.

She grabbed his arm.

"How do you feel?"

"I am fine."

Wu Yan noticed her presence.

"I am just dazed. Nothing much."

"Right, Hinagiku."

Wu Yan asked.

"Did you bring me back?"

"We found you and brought you back."

She took out a card.

"Here, your spoils of war."

Wu Yan felt relieved.

He received the card with gratitude.

The tarot card had an Archer motive on it.

Saber Card Detected.

Lancer Card Detected.

Archer Card Detected.

Rider Card Detected.

Caster Card Detected.

Assassin Card Detected.

Berserker Card Detected.

All the cards were collected, and the second round of The Path of Demigods was completed.

You may now leave this transcript universe at your leisure. However, upon reentry into this universe, you won't get any World Missions. You can reënter and go at your will.

Second Round was finished, Sealing Bracelet was released.

The sealing bracelets on their hands disappeared without a trace. Then, their powers returned as their auras surged in intensity.

"My strength..."

Hinagiku flexed her arm.

"My powers, they're back."


Wu Yan whistled.

"Sure wasn't easy..."

It wasn't easy.

He couldn't get the first Archer card and he almost gave up before deciding to make one himself.

Finally, fate smiled at him when Gilgamesh appeared as the Eighth card.

Even then, the second Archer was the King of Heroes. They fought super hard to get the card.

He got a huge reward.

The Gilgamesh Class Cards Phantasm summon should give him access to Gilgamesh's Gate of Babylon.

He turned to Hinagiku.


"Rin, Luvia, and Bazett are busy cleaning the beach with her."

Hinagiku smiled.

"They're still busy putting out the sea of white flames you created along with the crack in space. We also didn't tell them about your retrieval of the Class Card. They're still busy making a barrier to cover the place as they search for the card."

"I see..."

He felt awkward.

"How long was I out?"

"A night."

Hinagiku said.

"We're done with our quest, can we go home now?"

Wu Yan turned mum.

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