Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1553: Defeat? The furtive move


Hinagiku, Mikoto, Rin, Luvia, and Bazett traced the fights by following the sounds of explosions.

As another deafening shockwave washed over them, they staggered as the shockwave dazed them.

When they came to, they saw a scene of carnage.

The seas were rumbling and the waters were dark like the sky above.

There is a sea of white flames on the sea's surface. It grew despite the sea trying to put it out.

There is a big gash in space near the center of the sea of white flames.

The space was destroyed by the giant attacks from before.

The gash continued expanding to form a dark void in the middle of the sea.

Ea split the world's space.

It certainly lent credence to the fact that this is the Sword of Rupture that split Heaven and Earth apart.

Hinagiku, Mikoto, Luvia, Rin, and Bazett didn't know about this.

But, this isn't the first time they saw the sea of white flames.

"Over there."

Hinagiku said anxiously.

"I wonder what happened?"

"That guy!"

Mikoto clenched her fists.

"We agreed we would gang up on it. Why did he teleport the enemy away? Doesn't he know how much that makes us worry about him?"

"I reckon he didn't have time to discuss that."

Luvia shook her head.

"If that thing entered the city, things would have been terrible."

"He used a teleport spell to teleport that monster and his jet, right?"

Rin clenched her teeth.

"What happened after that?"

"Looking at the situation, things must have been bad."

Bazett looked at the tear in space and the sea of white flames.

"It's hard to say if Gilgamesh possessed anti-vampires Noble Phantasm. He had a lot of Noble Phantasms so it is possible even he could die, no matter his regenerative abilities."


Hinagiku stopped her.

"Let's go check up on things first."

"But, it's the sea..."

Luvia said.

"There are no ships and planes around for miles, how do you propose we do that?"

"I can use my magnetized sand to wrap you girls. We can fly over there."

Mikoto explained.

"Or, I will go there first."


Rin stopped her. She pointed at the crack in dimension and the sea of flames around it.

"You want to go near that hellish place?"

Mikoto didn't say anything.

Those flames could burn time. Charging straight into a burning place wouldn't hurt her because those flames didn't hurt allies.

Mikoto might get sucked into that dimensional crack and be torn to shreds by the void.

Even so, Wu Yan fought against a monster capable of tearing space itself.

It's hard not to worry about him.

"What do we do?!"

Mikoto is frustrated.

"We can't go but we need to check up on him. Or, do you want me to just stand here?"

"I mean, yeah."

Rin also bit her lips nervously.

"We have to do something about those white flames first."

"You two, you're allies of that man, yes?"

Luvia asked them.

"Any ways to get rid of those flames?"

"Not that we know of..."

While Rin and Luvia consulted Mikoto and Hinagiku.

Bazett pointed at something at the sea.


They saw something floating in the sea.

It looked like a humanoid figure that was being carried by the currents of the sea.


His face was pale and it didn't look like he was conscious.


The two jumped into the water immediately.

Luvia and Rin also followed.

They got him out of the water.


Mikoto lightly slapped his face.

"Wake up! Wake up!"

"He's fine."

Rin assessed after putting her palm to his heart.

"He is still alive and there are no visible wounds. He is probably just knocked out."

"And the enemy?"

Bazett looked at the nearby area.

"Where is it?"

They tensed up because that corrupted Spirit might still be alive.


Mikoto used a hush tone.

Hinagiku and Mikoto surrounded Wu Yan.

"Look, his hand."

He had a card in his hand.

That card had an Archer on it. "Archer" was written on the tarot card.

Gilgamesh's Card.

Wu Yan got it.

Now, he has the second Archer card.

That was the true identity of the dark monster that burst out of the Mirror World.

She took that card as she made sure no one saw her.

Kuro's Archer Card was supposed to be retrieved by Bazett but if she saw this card, she would think something was up. She already defeated the first Archer, what would she think if she came across a second Archer card? She would know there is more than one Archer card.

She can't know, that is why Hinagiku stashed the card away in her pocket.

Bazett assumed Gilgamesh was the seventh spirit, it is best if they kept the narrative that way.

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