Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1552: The clash between formidable opponents, their trump cards

There were many restrictions in the Mirror World.

The space might be huge in the Mirror World but the space inside the Mirror World was fragile with too many restrictions on the attacks he could use lest he destroys the entire dimension.

He had to seal many of his techniques, including his Vassal Beasts.

The vassal beasts of a True Ancestor can lay waste to a country.

However, using those beasts of destruction would be tantamount to suicide since the deployment would collapse the entire Mirror Dimension.

Gilgamesh is insane right now so he used Ea during his fight with Wu Yan.

Wu Yan isn't having any of that.

He ran to the real world.

Now, Gilgamesh is in his home turf, does he need to hold back anymore?


The blood mist around him grew.

"Let's see if your sword can split my beasts like you split the world..."

He summoned white flames.

"Descend... White Dragon Zhuo Yan!"

The world turned silent.

That white flame burst brilliantly as the sea around them turned into a sea of white blaze.

The white dragon elegantly emerged from the white flames. It looked like a wise and unsullied dragon of immaculate grace.

The white flames that wrapped around the divine scales of the heavenly dragon gave it an otherworldly presence that snuffed the breath out of anyone who gazed upon it.

The dancing feathers made of white flames glimmered like the white dragon's body.


Gilgamesh charged EA up as the blade spun.

Red vortex appeared as power surged into EA's spiraling blade.

Wu Yan rose to the challenge.

He wanted to see if his Vassal Beast could beat Gilgamesh's Ea.

Nobody could say for sure.

Noble Phantasms varied in potency and effects.

Ea is among the most destructive Noble Phantasms in the Nasuverse.

But, can it beat his heavily suppressed Vassal Beast?


He swung his demonic arm.

"Get him!"


The dragon sprouted more white flames as it charged for Gilgamesh. The dragon's charge was met with Gilgamesh's Ea.

The blade stopped for a second.

Then, a gigantic crimson vortex flew into the dragon, rending the space in a series of crimson sword beams and tornadoes.

The space got torn to shreds.

The white flame dragon isn't fazed. It crashed into the powerful vortex.


Gilgamesh poured more power into Ea as the vortex grew in intensity.

Zhuo Yan took more magic into its body to increase its power output.

The white flames evaporated the world-splitting force in Ea.


The white flames disintegrated the crimson vortex and crashed into Gilgamesh without stopping.


Gilgamesh screamed in agony as the white flames engulfed the dark entity.

What was left was a sea of white flames where Gilgamesh and his corrupted muid once stood.

The sea fed the flames as the white flames expanded.

The white flames formed a beautiful contrast with the body of water and the dark sky above.

The battlefield turned into a work of art.

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