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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1555:

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"You defeated the Dark Archer?"

Bazett questioned Wu Yan with Mikoto, Rin, and Luvia nearby.

"You truly defeated that thing?"

"Is there a need to lie to you?"

He took out the card.

"Look, I have the cards."

Wu Yan showed her a tarot card with a berserker holding a giant blade emblazoned on it.

That's the Berserker card.

Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu helped out with this one.

They knew Wu Yan was lying when he brought that card out.

Except for Bazett.

Rin and Luvia knew this wasn't it but they didn't know the true identity of the dark Heroic Spirit they fought yesterday.

"A Berserker..."

Bazett frowned.

"It bore similarities..."

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Rin, Luvia, and Mikoto exchanged looks.

Although they knew Berserker wasn't the real hero they fought, Bazett was convinced.

Berserker is probably the only class of Heroic Spirit that can rampage on Dark Gilgamesh's level.

That thing broke out from Mirror World just to finish a fight.

The scene of the rogue Heroic Spirit breaking out of the fragile Mirror World struck the psyche of the ladies here.

Wu Yan knew Gilgamesh couldn't manifest as Berserker so he pegged it as an Archer Hero.

Only those who ran across battlefields as manic berserkers can become one.

Gilgamesh never lost his marbles.

Bazett looked at him.

"You have all the cards, right?"

The living room turned tense.

This berserker lady is a rival.

She is someone the Mage Association sent to collect the cards.

Rin, Luvia, Hinagiku, and Mikoto started raising their guards.

They figured it would be best to prepare in case Bazett started lashing out.

She will do anything to complete her mission if she doesn't violate the precept of revealing magic to the masses.

Wu Yan taunted her with seven tarot cards.

"As you can see, I have them right here!"

"You, are you going to take it from me?"

Bazett leered at him with a sharp gaze.

Rin and Luvia grabbed their gemstones.

The two ladies should be helping Bazett but they decided that she wouldn't be worthed the trouble.

Hinagiku and Mikoto aren't as afraid of Bazett as before.

Katsura Hinagiku: Level 80

Misaka Mikoto: Level 82

The Path of Demigods' Second Round is complete so they're no longer under restrictions.

With their powers at tier 9, Bazett couldn't possibly harm them.

Wu Yan is at the peak of Tier 9, it's hard to find someone who can fight on his level now.

Even when he was at level 75, he could raise hell with Heroic Spirits and bloody Bazett. There wasn't a need to lay low around Bazett.

If it weren't for Kuro's sake, he would have honestly told her about Gilgamesh's card instead of using a Berserker card to fool her.

Bazett stared daggers into him before she sighed.


She headed for the door.


Wu Yan teased her.

"Not gonna take the cards?"

"No, not with my powers right now."

Bazett glanced at him.

"I will be back for it. I might use underhanded tactics so you should be careful."

Bazett left the living room without another sentence.

"Are you going to let her leave?"

Rin asked.

"She isn't joking, she will be back and she will be a thorn in your sides..."

"Well, I am not too worried."

He looked at Rin.

"I came to collect seven Class Cards. Now, I've finished that job. It's about time I leave."


Someone dropped something.

Miyu stood there as she dropped the fruits she carried.

She was deeply sad and struck with disbelief at what Wu Yan said.

Miyu overhead them.


Wu Yan gasped.

Miyu teared up before she turned tail and ran.


He panicked.

He didn't think a strong girl such as Miyu would cry so easily.

"What are you doing?!"

Luvia yelled at him.

"Go to her!"


"Don't you talk back to me!"

Luvia snapped.

"Don't you know what kind of position you have in her heart? Go, now!"

"Just go..."

Rins sighed.

"If you don't, she will never let this go."

Wu Yan stood up.

"Hinagiku, Mikoto, you two handle things here."

He said as he chased after Miyu.

The living room's mood sank like a stone into the lake.

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