Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1551: No holding back anymore

Somewhere out in the wide open sea, the waves slowly marched to the beach in the distance.

The seas are calm today.

However, it won't be for long.


A giant black ship appeared out of nowhere as the magical jet crashed into the sea soon after coming out of a warp.


A large plume of water burst into the air when the magical jet crashed.


Without letting the water settle, the magical jet shot out of the sea again.

Gilgamesh alter stood on the surface of the sea.

It started throwing its Corrupted Gate of Babylon in the form of dark magical mud around.

He used that magical aura as his stepping stone.


It bellowed in anger at the one who sent his magical jet into the sea.

The Gate of Babylon shook as if to respond to the ire of its master.

Wu Yan sensed the turbulence and responded with a similarly large torrent of magic power.

He condensed the magic power into a concentrated ball of heated magic power.

He finished charging up before Gilgamesh and he leaped into the sky as his magic power distorted the space around him.

He looked down at Gilgamesh.


Gilgamesh gave him a sinister smile before manifesting a giant blade aimed at Wu Yan.

This sword is easily over 50 meters long and it was about 3 meters wide. It is a sword that is larger than most buildings.

Truly, this was a BFS.


Wu Yan also discharged the weapon he charged before.

"Awakened Titan's Fist!"

Wu Yan responded to the giant blade with a red swirling flaming fist that poked out of an otherworldly portal.

The mouth of the Titan Portal spat out lava like a volcano.

The flaming red arm swung down fiercely.

The two attacks met in an epic clash that created a shockwave similar to a giant bomb going off. No, it was like two meteors hitting each other in the air.


First, the shockwave wrecked everything in the nearby air.

Then, the sea followed as if a giant hand pressed into the sea. Giant waves spread outward.

The waves were so tall that the moonlight was blocked for a few seconds. This shockwave would only settle down after 10 minutes.

Had they fought within Fuyuki City, the shockwave would have destroyed dozens of buildings.

The fight between Heroic Spirits was never anything mild.

This was a testament to the one-man army powers they held.

Gilgamesh Alter was unharmed.

Meanwhile, Wu Yan looked pale as he hovered in the sky.

He was disadvantaged.


Gilgamesh emitted ecstatic laughter.


He recovered as he clicked his tongue.

"Without using Red Jade mode, it's going to be hard..."

The Titan's Fist was destroyed by Ig Alima, he used Gae Dearg to dispel the giant sword.

That giant sword would have squashed him if he didn't do that.

"No more normal techniques for this narcissistic Hero."

Wu Yan decided.

The King of Heroes with his limitless wealth of Noble phantasms made him the strongest peak tier 8 fighter he has ever fought.

With his level limited to Level 75, he doubted he could win without Red Jade mode and his other trump cards.


"Now that we are here..."

His eyes turned golden.

"You should have stayed in that fragile cage known as the Mirror World."

He charged up his magic power again.

His arm turned dark red as if someone cooked it with a magical flame. There were blood-red lines running beneath his arm, red steam flew into the air like the steam of a steam engine train.


Gilgamesh choked on his words.

He knew something terrible is coming.

In an instant, Gilgamesh quickly summoned the Sword of Rupture, EA.

The seas calmed down and the wind stopped as if to allow the two fighters some space.

The two fighters headed into the final phase of the fight.

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