Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1550: Invasion into the real world


The sound of glass shattering could be heard in the basement.

Strong winds assaulted them.

Crack crack crack

The shattering sound continued as the wall started breaking down.

The strong winds were from another realm.

The wall broke down to reveal the Mirror World.

Dark oozing liquid fell from the cracks.


Everyone gasped.


Wu Yan assessed the situation. He blocked the winds with his arm.

"It isn't over?"


The space shattered again as a black hole opened up.

The muddy Gilgamesh seeping with Grail Mud dropped out of the portal with his EA in tow.

It grinned when it saw its targets.

Gilgamesh used the magic it absorbed to break into reality.


Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Bazett couldn't believe it.

"What the..."

Luvia and Rin stared at Gilgamesh.

"What's that? The monster?"

"The winds..."

Wu Yan noticed it.

The winds assaulting them were crimson-colored.

Wu Yan looked at the slowly spinning EA and surmised how Gilgamesh got here.

"That bastard. He used EA to slice a path from the Mirror World to this world, exploiting the vulnerable time-space when the Mirror World collapses..."

That is possible with the world-splitting Noble Phantasm.

Wu Yan was more or less correct.

Gilgamesh used the Sword of Rupture to open a path to the real world.

It created a precedent where Heroic Spirits materialized from Class Cards appearing in the real world.

"What is this?"

Everyone sweated cold bullets.

Invading the real world.

This King of Heroes took the cake when it came to doing things other Heroic Spirits couldn't do.

Wu Yan leaped in front of the girls to cover them. They were too stunned to move.


Gilgamesh roared once more. The space  trembled as the King of Heroes announced a rematch.


A dark jet-like construct appeared from the portal.

It looked like a jet-type Noble Phantasm.


Gilgamesh jumped onto the Noble Phantasm.


It yelled as the jet turned to fly out of the underground path.

"Wait, it's going outside?"

"No way..."

Luvia gasped.

Is that crazy spirit thinking about going to the city?

His powers would wreck the town.

The general populace cannot know magic.

If this thing went out, it will be nigh impossible to cover up the ensuing carnage.

This spirit cannot be allowed to go there.


Wu Yan yelled.

"Put your hands on my shoulders."

The ladies flinched before touching his shoulder.

RIn and Luvia also knew better than to waste time.

Bazett was the last one to touch his shoulder.

Then, they disappeared in a flashing montage.

Fuyuki city, beach...


The walls exploded.

A jet black figure shot into the sky.

A spatial fissure opened as a few silhouettes appeared from within.

"Where is that monster?!"

Rin called Gilgamesh monster despite not seeing it.

Monster is probably the only description they should give to someone who forced Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett to run.


Luvia pointed at the sky. She had a look of horror, imagining what the monster would do upon reaching the city.

They saw the black jet heading in Fuyuki City's direction.

Wu Yan warped in front of the jet.

Still flying toward the city, Gilgamesh felt someone touching his head.

Then, the jet and Gilgamesh disappeared into the sky.

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