Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1549: Sword of Rupture, EA

In the real world...

Luvia and Rin watched silently after Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett entered the Mirror World.

While Rin looked calmer than Luvia, they both had different thoughts on the matter.

Rin kept peeking at the spot where they teleported into the Mirror World.

If they returned, they would come back there.

Rin just couldn't help looking at that spot.

It's been half an hour since they had gone into the other world.

If the two sides are equal in power, it will be a long fight.

Even so, 30 minutes is way too long for a fight.

Even high-level fights don't last this long because the combatants can turn the tide with the trump cards they hold.

If they die, the Mirror World will spit out their corpses.

Technically, they could go home and know the results in hours.

But, that is just heartless.

Luvia waited impatiently as she took out her watch.

"Too slow..."

"Maybe the enemy is stronger than they imagined..."

Rin looked nervous.

"The four of them should be able to handle it."


Luvia replied.

"Those people are monsters who can solo Heroic Spirits. Bazett the anti-Noble Phantasm agent is there too. With Bazett there, they can kill the Spirit if she keeps the target's Noble Phantasms in check, right?"

"Let's hope they're okay."

Rin sighed.

"I hope it's only because the Spirit is good at drawn-out fights."

Luvia and Rin were too naive.

This opponent is beyond hard to handle. Gilgamesh's completely insane.

Rin and Luvia don't know what is going on in the Mirror World but their instincts told them to expect something bad.


A formation appeared near them.

"They're back!"

Rin and Luvia ran to the formation.

But, their expressions froze when they saw the vanguards return with looks of extreme exhaustion and panic.

It didn't look like they returned victorious.

Then, they spoke up.

"W-We're back?"

Hinagiku asked with a grim look.


Mikoto patted the sides of her head. She wiped away the cold sweat on her temple.

"We almost lost our lives..."

"What the..."

Bazett shook.

"What the hell was that?!"


Wu Yan returned to his usual self after deactivating his Red Jade mode.

"Hell, probably..."

Rin and Luvia understood that they couldn't finish off the opponent so they ran away.

"Even you four had to fold and book it, huh?"

Luvia continued.

"Looks like you encountered a scary monster..."

"I don't know..."

Rin laughed bitterly.

"I know it won't be easy getting that card, at least..."

Wu Yan also bitterly laughed.

They ran from Gilgamesh.

No, they ran from the blade he summoned.

That last sword is an unknown blade to Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett. However, Wu Yan knows the name of that blade.

It technically has no name.

It is the sword of Rupture, EA, named by Gilgamesh.

He is a king of many treasures.

But, of the nigh-infinite Noble Phantasms at his disposal, EA is his strongest weapon.

A Divine Construct made before the concept of the Sword. It allegedly separated heaven from Earth.

Although he couldn't verify that claim.

The power of EA is undoubted. He wasn't sure he could block the attack.

Releasing EA inside the Mirror World would probably destroy the entire subspace.

Wu Yan pressured Gilgamesh into a corner with Flan's Red Jade mode but that only served to force Gilgamesh to use EA.

That attack would destroy the Mirror World, effectively ending everyone's lives.

Wu Yan teleported back since he had no choice.

"This is why fighting crazy people is annoying."

Wu Yan sighed.

"I reckon Gilgamesh got torn to shreds by the ruptured space, no more class cards, eh?"


Hinagiku and Mikoto approached him.

"It's fine."

Wu Yan sighed.

"I am not giving up."

Hinagiku and Mikoto nodded.


Bazett steadied herself.

"I don't think we can beat that thing no matter how many people we brought."

Rin and Luvia stayed silent.

If the Berserker Monster Lady known as Bazett says so, then it was only logical that the four of them returned empty-handed.

"Let's go."

Bazett turned around.

Bazett's canister of Fragarach was lost in that Mirror World.

As they went for the stairs...


The sound of something breaking could be heard.

Crack crack crack...

The shattered glass fx made them pause their steps.

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