Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1548: The Sword of Promised Crisis

Won't die, can't lose.

Even after entering Flan's Red Jade mode. The regenerative powers of the mana mist around Gilgamesh meant that he could come back to life after being snuffed out by Wu Yan.

Wu Yan felt like he was in Bazett's shoes when she faced Wu Yan. This is how it feels to fight against a Dead Apostle or True Ancestor.

They can outlast any opponent with their regenerative powers.

"This isn't over yet."

He grabbed Gilgamesh's Eyes one more time.

"Even True Ancestors can be killed. You're just an avatar of the Class Card. Let's see how many times you can come back to life."

Wu Yan grasped his Eyes.


Gilgamesh sensed danger before reaching into a nearby portal.

It wanted to draw another Noble Phantasm.

But, it needs to unsheathe while Wu Yan need only to clench down his fists. He was quicker.

"Too slow."

He grabbed.


Gilgamesh expanded before exploding into a million pieces again.

The dark mana mist streamed to Gilgamesh's location.

"I ain't done yet!"

He continued grabbing while Gilgamesh tried to regenerate.

Boom boom boom boom

Wu Yan continued to decimate Gilgamesh within its Mirror World.

Bazett watched as Wu Yan tore Gilgamesh to shreds time and time again.

She froze in horror.

Wu Yan used Gae Bolg on her last time. If he used this technique then Bazett would have died for sure.

She needed prep time for Fragarach to reach her hands. Too many actions were needed to fire Fragarach but Wu Yan could have squeezed her out of the plane of existence.

Total obliteration probably meant that her resurrection runes wouldn't work either.

Her runes only allowed her to come back to life when her heart stopped. It isn't a total revive rune.

If someone lopped her head off, this rune couldn't reinstall that head.

Her runes also resuscitated her. However, her opponents could just kill her again.

Total physical body destruction, well, that's game over for her.

"Who is this guy?"

Bazett searched her memories.

"Was there such a Dead Apostle before?"

Hinagiku and Mikoto shook their heads after exchanging a look.

Wu Yan already told her he wasn't on the same level as mere Dead Apostles.


Wu Yan stopped and panted while looking at Gilgamesh's spot.

The mana mists continued to give a physical appearance to the materialization of the Class Card.

The Class Card used the mana mists to keep Gilgamesh manifested.

"100 lives or so?"

He heaved a tired sigh.

"There is no end to this."

Then, he noticed the density of the mana mists.

They decreased...

Suddenly, his eyes brightened.

The Class card can only do this provided there is enough mana to regenerate GIlgamesh.

Sooner or later, Gilgamesh will run out of mana.

Can't regenerate without mana.

Wu Yan psyched himself up.

But, Gilgamesh had other plans.


With only its torso, head, and one arm, Gilgamesh bellowed before a giant portal opened beneath him.


The crazed spirit reached an arm out.

The seething portal slowly materialized an unknown blade.

It looked weird with a golden hilt and spiraling blade that had ornate crimson designs on it.

The spiraling blade looks like it couldn't cut properly.

It is more like a cone-shaped sword with three blades wrapped around the central dull tip to form a primitive sword. Its dull look belied its ability to cut.

The core also had red lines on the sword that gave it a mysterious presence.

"That is the..."

Wu Yan trembled slightly.

"It couldn't be..."

"What's that?"

Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett felt puzzled.


Gilgamesh chanted the name of his Noble Phantasm.

Then, he ran his fingers across the blade.


It hummed to life as the blades spun rapidly, emitting shrill grinding sounds.

Streams of red air sprout forth from every direction.

The space trembled, the ground ruptured...

The sky cried in pain.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett felt a dangerous vibe from that alien blade.

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