Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1547: Bulldozing the fight, the one steeped in blood

The Mirror World turned red. It looked like hell with the red air and light dyeing everything red here.

The sovereign of this crimson plain floated in the sky.

He wore his usual dark clothes but his eyes were redder than usual.

That oppressive and bloody aura also replaced his usual aura.

His tattered wings flapped slowly as if he was floating in an invisible sea of carnage.

Bazett mumbled the first word that came to mind.

"Dead Apostle..."

While not exactly the same, that oppression against humanity is familiar to Bazett, she came across some Dead Apostles before.

That is the aura of one who preyed on humans, the Dead Apostles.

She couldn't be wrong!

Wu Yan is one of those dangerous individuals.

At least, she was sure.


Hinagiku and Mikoto felt assured now that Wu Yan shifted into this mode.

To them, he just looked slightly different. Deeper eyes, wings, and an aura of savageness, nothing much.

However, they were assured because he now possessed an OP ability in this mode.

Bazett's instinct was right, this guy is now very dangerous.

"Second Red Jade mode..."

Wu Yan looked at Gilgamesh



Gilgamesh roared at Wu Yan with his giant Scythe ready to swing anytime.

However, it sounded more like the growl of a frightened creature.

He smirked because he saw right through Gilgamesh's façade.

With an arm outstretched, he manifested a web of red lines that steadily expanded into a giant web dozens of meters wide.


He said before tossing that web out.

The red webs engulfed Gilgamesh


It struggled painfully against the red web.

If Gilgamesh could use his Noble Phantasm, it could probably cut the webs apart.

The webs bound Gilgamesh like napalm on a war victim.

He smirked.

His subconscious took on a vicious vibe, this is probably the influence of Flandre's violent psyche.

He flicked his finger.

"Cranberry Trap..."

Light bullets formed tendrils that slapped and smacked Gilgamesh. He was whipping the King of Heroes.



Gilgamesh threw out another chain in desperation.

Wu Yan flicked his finger again.

He summoned a light bullet to intercept the chain.


The chain and light bullet collided in an explosion of flames and smoke.

Then, he made a claw gesture before clenching down. This was aimed at Gilgamesh's body.



Gilgamesh expanded before exploding into dark muddy mana piles.

The Archer card floated there.

No warning, no omens, no signals...

The King of Heroes got squeezed out of the plane of existence.

"What the?!"

Bazett's eyes widened.

"He did it!"

Hinagiku and Mikoto cheered.


He ascertained Gilgamesh's Eyes and squeezed them to destroy Gilgamesh.

Flandre's ability made her very powerful in her own league.

Archer can't repair itself, right?

I just obliterated him...


The familiar bellows of the mad Archer echoed in everyone's minds.

They looked up to see swirling dark mana mists around the Archer card.

Archer started regenerating rapidly as the mana mists turned faint.

The familiar dark Archer slowly appeared again.


Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett were frightened by this hero's regenerative powers.

"It can survive even that?"


Wu Yan grumbled.

"I knew it wouldn't be that easy..."

The swirling mists poured into Archer as he slowly came into being.

The dark mana mass formed with the Archer Card as the core.

Gilgamesh returned seconds later in his prior form.


He roared one more time as if to announce his return to the fray.

Everyone turned grim.

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