Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1546: Shield and Scythe. The emergence of the tattered bat's wing

"Did we win?"

Nobody cared who asked that question because they all wanted to know too.

They watched the flaming and thunderous area with bated breaths.

If it was that simple, they wouldn't need to gang up on Gilgamesh.

True enough, it was like that.

When the flames and dust settled, they saw something huge covering Gilgamesh.

The massive shield looked more like a giant statue with ornate designs.

It was at least dozens of meters tall and it looked like another Noble Phantasm.

"Even defensive Noble Phantasms?"

Bazett growled.

"How many Noble Phantasms does this Heroic Spirit have?"

Wu Yan, Mikoto, and Hinagiku stared at the shield with stern looks.

The shield dissipated back into the Gate.

Gilgamesh emerged unharmed, his arms were restored and his opened chest regenerated. It bellowed in rage.


Archer stared at Wu Yan.

As the King of Heroes, the oldest mythical king, Gilgamesh was nothing but a husk of his prime version.

Even so, using instincts alone, it could tell who posed the most threat.

Gilgamesh isn't powerful by himself.

Against the adept fighters at the top, he is not much.

What truly makes him formidable is his arsenal of Noble Phantasms.

Now, with his arsenal frozen by Wu Yan, that significantly diminished the potency Gilgamesh wielded.

Gilgamesh attacked Wu Yan with his bare hands.

Ding ding ding ding

They fought each other as the dense dark mud mana spread around them.

Then, from the mana swamp sprouted a dozen or so chains that burst into the air at Wu Yan.


He frowned before conjuring a purple magic formation.

The purple magic formations spat out purplish chains that tangled up whatever Gilgamesh summoned. Nobody could stop each other.

Wu Yan isn't limited to just the Chains of Commandment, however...

"Nagisa... Avrora... Lend me your powers..."

He raised his arms before placing his fingers together like he was holding an invisible ball.

His magic turned into a stream of frosty air that spun around his arms.

He grabbed the frost orbs before tossing them in the air.

The frost orbs dispersed into tiny fragments that rained down on the dark mud.

The dark mud was frozen by the discharged orbs


Gilgamesh roared as a figure appeared above. Hinaiku sliced down on Gilgamesh's left eye.


Blood splattered everywhere as the monster howled in anguish.

Gilgamesh dug his arm into a nearby portal.

Wu Yan felt ominous so he called Hinagiku back.

"Hinagiku, come back!"

Alas, it was too late.

Gilgamesh pulled out a giant scythe.


The scythe glowed red with malevolent energy. It grew in size into a 50meter long scythe.


He swung it down at Hinagiku.

"Watch out."

Mikoto cried out

Getting hit by that scythe meant danger.

Wu Yan isn't going to let her get hit.

He teleported and placed himself between Hinagiku and the scythe.

Then, he spread his hand wide as he chanted.


Wu Yan used a supernatural ability.

In an instant, the visions turned red for Hinagiku, Bazett, and Mikoto.


The bloody light came at the same time Wu Yan used his otherworldly powers.


The Mirror World was dyed red by this power.

It looked like the whole world was stained blood red.

Then, they felt a blood-chilling aura near them. No, even the air reeked of iron...


The scythe exploded into a million pieces.

Gilgamesh didn't see this coming either. They were all stunned.

Then, as the bloodred light diminished, everyone saw Hinagiku standing there unharmed with her Shirosakura.

Wu Yan protected her.

The man is floating in the air.

His red eyes took on a redder shade as he slowly unfurled his clenched right fist. His aura also took a more savage turn.

His teammates noticed something off too.

He had bat wings coming out of his back. The wings were tattered and had crystals on them.

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