Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1545: Gank the enemy? Changes faster than planned

"Damn... This rich flashy Golden guy..."

Wu Yan cursed as he emerged from the flames.

Wu Yan emerged with his ladies in tow. He protected them with a fortified cube Iron Wall Barrier.

He had to use his teleport skills to move the walls in time to protect the ladies, including Bazett.

Moving Church would have protected Mikoto and Hinagiku. However, Bazett would have died in the carpet bombing initiated by Gilgamesh.

She had used her Resurrection runes before, he doubted she had more of those in store.

He subconsciously protected Bazett although his rational mind would have told him no had he possessed enough time to think his actions through.


Gilgamesh wasn't happy to see them alive and kicking. Wu Yan bitterly laughed.

"You still retained your haughty personality despite losing your rationality, eh? Looks like your pride has become ingrained in you..."


The King of Heroes roared again. This time, the dense mana mist around him danced in turn.


Bazett cursed.

"There should be restrictions. His Noble Phantasm arsenal, those healing mists, I hope this is just a nightmare."

"This isn't a nightmare, it's your ideal battlefield."

He waved his hand before dismissing his iron sand barrier. He formed iron sand weapons instead.

"Don't rush in by yourself, we need to gang up on this guy!"

"Gang up?"

Bazett frowned.

"This is going to make card ownership hard but let's discuss after we kill this guy!"

"Yeah, no complains from this side."

Hinagiku and Mikoto answered.


Gilgamesh isn't happy to hear the enemies making plans to encircle it.

Gilgamesh bellowed as the mana mist around him raged in sync.

The Gate of Babylon is depowered by Gilgamesh's insane state.

The mana mist around him healed his fatal injuries.

This Gilgamesh is seemingly immortal, undefeatable, and insurmountable.


"Let's do it!"

Wu Yan took out his magic power.

Hinagiku readied her Shirosakura.

Her blade glimmered as she dashed in a straight line for Gilgamesh.


It roared when it saw Hinagiku coming for it. The mist behind him turned into a whirlwind of mana storm.

It summoned a flower-like Noble phantasm out of the murky mana mist.

Hinagiku crashed into it.

Mikoto summoned lightning to support Hinagiku.

She sent a few lightning bolts into the shield.


The flower Noble Phantasm deflected the lightning. However, the shield got pushed aside giving Hinagiku the chance to attack.


Gilgamesh was enraged by Mikoto's brazen attempt to hurt him.

The Gate of Babylon opened to fire another wave of weapons at Hinagiku.

Hinagiku is somewhat used to this.

She glided through the weapons with her inhuman speed. She quickly closed the distance as Gilgamesh tried to summon more weapons to corner her.

Crack crack crack

The weapons had icicles on them. The Noble Phantasms were frozen by a supernatural type of ice.

Gilgamesh looked up to see Wu Yan staring down at it.

His magic power was tinged with a frosty glow.

He is using Avrora's powers.

Gilgamesh couldn't wrap his head around the situation.


Hinagiku sliced past Gilgamesh with a clean slash. Another slash happened at the same time.

Splash Splish

He disarmed Gilgamesh as his two arms flew into the air.

Gilgamesh wasn't given a chance to recoil. Shirosakura came back for a third strike.



This time, Hinagiku opened a huge gash on its chest.


Someone sneaked behind Gilgamesh before launching a heavy right hook at his back.

Even if he is immortal, he still flew when socked in the back by a lady with green shining gloves.


Mikoto fired a railgun into its face in perfect teamwork.


Gilgamesh exploded in midair.

The dark mud flew everywhere as Gilgamesh went up in flames.

Wu Yan, Mikoto, Hinagiku, and Bazett raised their guards because they know this fight isn't over yet.

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