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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1544: Won't die, won't faint, can't fight

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Fwoosh Swish Fwoosh

The Noble Phantasms rained down in a heavy downpour.

Bam bam bam

The iron wall started cracking as the damage piled up.

Yet, the Noble Phantasm rain continued even if the Noble Phantasms shattered on impact.

The iron wall lost more per Noble Phantasm crash so it is a losing fight for Wu Yan.


Gilgamesh Alter probably didn't expect that someone would rush out of protection and into the rain of Noble Phantasms.

Hinagiku and Mikoto gasped.


Still bloodied from being impaled by multiple Noble Phantasms before, Bazett rushed into the fray.

She stopped bleeding but the blood is still on her clothes. Like a Berserker, she charged at Archer.

"She is so hurt it wouldn't be crazy if she bled out, how can she continue fighting like this?"

Mikoto sounded like she was exasperated.

"This is just reckless!"

"It's easy to forget she is as undying as she is annoying to deal with."

Hinagiku said.

"Anyway, isn't she digging her grave?"

Bazett is defenseless against the Noble Phantasms in her way.

Then, the weapons started flying in her direction.


Bazett raised her fist.

"It's already over."

Bazett summoned a flying lead ball.


Bazett rushed into the storm.

Then, her lead ball started shining.

When the Noble Phantasms neared her...

The Fragrach Orb started shining brilliantly.

"Gouging Sword of the War God!"

Bazett raised her tiny Noble Phantasm against the salvo of Noble Phantasms as if she failed to understand her puny powers.

Then, Fragrach shot out at a speed that transcended space and time. Traveling in the fabric of Destiny and Fate, the weapon struck true to its target.

The cascading Noble Phantasms got lit up by a tiny orb of light.

It is like a needle against a hill or a fish trying to crash through a wave.

But, in that instant, the tiny thing pierced through the impenetrable wall of Noble Phantasms.

Nobody could dodge this light of destiny.

The Fragarach Answerer hit Gilgamesh Alter in his heart.


Gilgamesh stopped roaring.

The Causality weapon known as Fragrach destroyed his heart.


It sounded like something being closed with a bell chime.

The Noble Phantasms dissipated in the Mirror World.

Gilgamesh's heart had been pierced so the weapon erased the effect of Gilgamesh's gate of Babylon summoning.

They saw a hole where Gilgamesh's heart should be.

The pebble-sized hole was enough to turn Gilgamesh the mud monster into a statue.


The ball fell to the ground with a loud crash.

Mikoto asked.

"Is it over?"


Wu Yan looked at Gilgamesh.

"If it were that simple..."


The mud monster smirked as if he heard them.

Then, the dark mana mist around him swirled.


Wu Yan told everyone to back off.


The weapons emerged as they were encircled.


The Noble Phantasms pelted the four of them as Gilgamesh cackled in glee.

It sounded like he was having a blast turning his enemies into pincushions with his Noble Phantasms.

The dark swirling mist seeped into Gilgamesh as he steadily repaired the damage done to his heart.

The dark mist could be used for more than just attacking and defending. It seems to be back up HP for Gilgamesh alter too.

Fighting against a self-regenerating King of Heroes who can throw Noble Phantasms around proved to be the greatest adversary they've ever encountered.

They couldn't kill this foe, beat it, or even fight it in a match of attrition.

Truly, this is the worst enemy they could meet at this juncture.

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