Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1541: Heading to the competition arena

The night seems to be a cold one.

With nothing hiding the moon and the stars, the cold astral lights shone down on the warm earth.

But, this peaceful night is only for those who dwell in the human realm.

Under the guise of the busy city is another realm.

This side of Fuyuki City is still living its normal routine.

As waves splashed onto the shore, the dimly lit beach looked like it was the landing ground of amphibious vehicles.

The construction site looked messy.

If one came to the beach for fun then their fun would be ruined.

Luckily, nobody's around at night.

In the tunnel, there is a series of footsteps.

The tunnel is only 5 meters wide (15ft) and it is headed straight down.

There is almost nothing here other than the walls to the sides and the chiseled hastily-made stone steps.

The people here headed down into the Earth.


A cold gust blew into the tunnel like a gale from hell. One of the individuals shivered.


Hinagiku hugged her shoulders.

"So cold."

"Well, we are near the sea and it's night right now..."

Mikoto also grumbled.

"Moreover, we're wearing Miko clothes that are super windy for some reason."

"Actually, I want to ask..."

Rin chimed in.

"Why did you make them wear Miko dresses?"

"You, sir, have taste."

Luvia sighed.

"Although I am not on the same wavelength as you."

"These Miko clothes are good if you ignore the looks."

Hinagiku spread her arms as her white kosode.

"Thanks to these, we survived multiple punches from Berserker."

"You were unharmed after being socked dozens of times by Berserker?"

Rin gasped.

"So it was these clothes that helped you?"

"I thought it was some defensive spells or the likes..."

Luvia examined their clothes.

"Is it like a Magic Dress? But, the defense parameters of these clothes are unheard of..."

"It's hard to explain it."

Mikoto brushed her bangs.

"Just treat it as a Magic Dress."


Wu Yan sighed after listening to the ladies chattering behind him.

"We're literally heading into a battlefield, can we ready ourselves instead of chatting?"


Rin snorted.

"We aren't fighting anyway, what's the big deal?"

"Why are you getting chirpy with me?"

Wu Yan felt exasperated.

"Who do you think I am doing this for?"

"I don't care!"

Rin said.

"You need to keep your head in the game or you're going to be stuck in the Mirror World!"


Hinagiku asked.

"Rin, are you actually worried about us?"

"Am Not!!!"

Rin shrieked.

"I am not worried about you all!"

"Rin, you know what you sound like?"

Hinagiku and Mikoto retorted.

"People call your type the Tsunderes."


"Now that's funny, the pot calling the kettle black."

"Screw you guys."

Rin huffed as she walked away.

"Let's just go down already!"

The five of them made it to the end of the tunnel.

It looked like a giant basement with simple walls shutting them off from the world above ground.

"We're here."

Luvia said.

"If we open a path to the Mirror World here, we should be able to enter by midnight."


Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks.

"Is this fine?"

"It will be an opponent far stronger than Saber and Berserker."

"We will just retreat if it's too powerful."

Someone interrupted them.

They looked back to see Bazett descending the stairs behind them.

"As rivals, I would be happy to see you all leave."

Bazett stepped forward.

"But, as a mage, I don't like the taste of letting my fear of you trio overwhelm me."

"Don't lump us in with a battle freak like you."

Luvia huffed.

"Mages cannot fear anything? Who taught you that?"

"I fear only a few..."

Bazett eyed Wu Yan.

"Even against death..."

"Is that all?"

Wu Yan sighed before smiling at her.

"This is off to a terrific start."

"I am not here to display parlor tricks."

Bazett grabbed her canister.

"Plus, this fight is in my favor."

"If the enemy uses a Noble Phantasm, you win."

Mikoto said.

"But, I am going to finish it off before you."


Bazett turned around.

"Let's see..."

"Enough chit-chat."

Luvia looked at her watch.

"It's almost time."

"Let's go."

Wu Yan declared.

"To the battlefield."

A magic formation appeared beneath Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett. It spun like a disc.

"Be careful!"

Rin yelled.

"Don't die."

The trio slightly waved to her.

The magic formation disappeared with a brilliant flash.

Then, when the lights dimmed, the four of them were gone.

Luvia and Rin stood there staring at one another wordlessly.

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