Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1542: Faceoff against the monster in the dark

Their fields of vision twisted and turned as their minds were jumbled.

Time flew as they lost their sense of direction.

It felt like minutes, maybe hours, days even?

The path to the Mirror World was like a trip with all the psychedelics men could pump into their bodies. Time and space felt lost to them.

Their visions turned a bright white and...

Soon, they arrived in a kaleidoscopic world with brilliant lights everywhere.

By the time they came to, their visions had cleared as they prepared to face the enemy.

In an instant, the hostility assaulted them like a tidal wave.

Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Bazett knew there was an enemy before they saw it.

They scanned the surroundings to see they were in the same underground room they had been in before.


There is a figure standing in the middle. It is a creature composed of moving mud.

It looked like a mud monster.

Dark mana mist danced around the monster.

Like the Saber Alter from before, this hero seems to be able to use the Mana mist to attack and defend.

However, compared to Saber Alter, this one had far denser mist surrounding it.

If Saber had mists this monster had a raging storm.

So terrifying.

Archer: Level 79

The dark archer bellowed.

The sticky oppression aura clung to the invaders like vipers.

In an instant, they knew they were up against an annoying fellow.


The second Archer Card they hoped they would get.

But, this monster appeared to be as strong as they imagined.

Plus, the monster had more surprises in store for them.

Fwoosh fwoosh fwoosh

Multiple whips made of mana mist swept across them.

Archer attacked them three seconds after their arrival.

They wouldn't have been able to react if their battle instincts didn't tell them to move.

The four of them jumped away as multiple attacks struck where they once stood in deafening thuds.

"Mana mists?"

Hinagiku gasped.

"Solidified mana whips?"


Wu Yan said.

Bam bam bam

The ground continued to shatter as they evaded.

"He's stronger than we imagined. Don't let your guard down. Attack when you can!"


Hinagiku and Mikoto answered.

"Good move."

Bazett readied her shining gloves.

"Don't hold back."

She jumped into the fray.

Wu Yan opened the Gate of Babylon with his Iron Sand Noble Phantasms trained on Archer.


Hinagiku and Bazett shot forward in unison.

"Mikoto, provide cover fire."


Mikoto raised her electrified arm as she conjured lightning.


The mana whips were shot in Bazett's direction.

She would be skewered like a kebab if she didn't dodge.

Swish crackle

Lightning and iron sand swords cut the mana whips apart.

Bam bam bam


The mana whips were utterly destroyed by the lightning and cascading Noble Phantasms.

Bazett and Hinagiku reached Archer with Mikoto and Wu Yan's cover fire.


The Archer monster raised an arm.


Wu Yan and Mikoto intervened.

They dispersed another wave of mana whips as Hinagiku and Bazett unleashed a combo attack.

Bam bam bam bam

As they rained down artillery on Archer, clouds of dust rose from the ground.


Hinagiku and Bazett went in for the kill. They charged into the clouds of dust and did their attacks.


The monster within the mist cried out in pain. Its roar reverberated in the Mirror world with its inhuman voice.

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