Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1540: The upcoming fight

"This is the location of the Eighth Card?"

Wu Yan looked at the construction ground near the seashore. He listened to the sounds of heavy machines digging away at the crust of the Earth.

"Man, I've got to hand it to you. You dug deep in a short frame of time."

"The power of money!"

Luvia Ohoho'ed.

"Throw enough money at a project and you can speed it up greatly."

"Money for brains."

Rin grumbled.

"Why does she get all the money?"

"A dragon vein underneath the ground near the shore..."

He bitterly laughed.

"Is it because of the sea? Does the dragon vein draw power from the water?"

"This is the entrance of the underground tunnel."

"The card isn't here."

Rin hugged her arm.

"We can't dig anywhere we want. What if we needed to dig near the city center?"

"Sure, I see your point."

Wu Yan shrugged as he looked at the busy site in front of him.

"How long until they're done?"

"It's almost done."

Luvia said with a serious look.

"We can go there tonight."

"Tonight, eh?"

His eyes glimmered red.

Kuro is back in her home. She has been there for half a month now.

They spent half a month getting ready for this fight.

As Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Wu Yan are the only ones fighting this time, the others were told to stay behind.

Once the tunnel is done, they're the only ones diving into the distortion.

Rin and Luvia will be joining as support.

The two aren't banking on getting the card this time.

Wu Yan is there along with Bazett. Luvia and Rin know they don't stand a chance.

They just wanted the dragon vein to return to normal as soon as possible.

Rin and Luvia know they aren't getting internships without all the cards.

While they might not be able to get the cards, they still think they can come up with another plan that is just as well.

Rin's tenacity is only met with a superficial smile from Wu Yan. He knows the two are bound for trouble.

The two ladies kept bickering with one another that even the grand magus Kischur got fed up with their crap and sent them away.

Even if they came up with another plan, Kischur would probably make up more excuses to scare them away.

Anyway, they still need to work hard.

"Well then, any questions?"

He asked Rin and Luvia.

"If you don't have any questions, let's move tonight."


Rin and Luvia exchanged a look.

"Ok, sure."


A sound interrupted them.

"I will be there."

Wu Yan, Luvia, and Rin looked in that direction.

Bazett stood there with her canister of Fragrach Orbs.


Rin and Luvia raised their guards.

This is a female John Wick in this universe. She will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Who knows what she is going to do next?


Bazett picked up their hostility and replied.

"You girls don't have the card right now. You're irrelevant to my job. I won't  hurt you."

She shot a look at Wu Yan.

"I only hunt down my designated targets."

Bazett implied that her beef with Wu Yan isn't over yet.

There is no hiding it.

Rin and Luvia felt anxious as the air took on an intense spark.

"Half a month of not seeing me gave you tons of confidence."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Or, do you think you can beat me after half a month?"

"Are you looking down on me?"

Bazett stared at him.

"I couldn't beat you before because you cannot die through impalation of the heart. What makes you think I can't kill you through other means?"

"I don't know about that."

He looked at the construction site.

"However, you should know I can kill you with more than just Gae Bolg."

Bazett tightened the grip on her Fragarach canister. Her runes flashed green before she let go.

"I don't like to attack first but if you taunt me again I don't mind teaching you a lesson or two."

"For once, we share the same opinion."

He laughed as if he just heard the best joke of the day.

"Are you mad because this is the first time enforcer-sama got handed her butt physically and verbally?"

Bazett is enraged but she calmed herself down.

"Hmm, I sense some movements over there. You want to attack me?"

He smirked.

"Enforcer-sama, I hope you've brought enough Fragrach Orbs this time."

Bazett wanted to kill him but she couldn't do so at the moment.

Her Fragarach is useless against him. And, he has the counter Noble Phantasm Gae Bolg as well. A fight between them wouldn't end well for her.

But, he had 6 Class cards.

As for what other Noble Phantasms he had in his arsenal, she wasn't sure.

Most importantly, she was up against an opponent who wasn't afraid of Fragarach, the counter to Noble Phantasms.

She lost her trump card.

Aside from Gae Bolg and the weird White Flames. She knows next to nothing about Wu Yan, or the threats she posed to her.

Bazett knew fighting under these terms would be a fool's gamble.

She growled.

"Let's hope you can talk smack during tonight's fight."

Bazett turned around without further words.


Wu Yan shrugged.

"Let's hope you get the card tonight so I can enjoy robbing it."

Rin and Luvia were speechless.

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