Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1539: Choosing the Fighters

“Gathering the Eighth card with Bazett?!”

Everyone was gathered in the Edelfelt mansion’s living room.

“What’s going on?”

Wu Yan questioned Rin.

“Why does she know about the existence of the Eighth Card?”

“I revealed it to her.”

Rin answered.

She had a devilish grin on.

“Stop messing around, Rin!”

Kuro pouted.

“Explain yourself.”

“Who do you think I am doing this for?!”

Rin smacked her head.

“It’s because I wanted to hide the seventh card, you!”

“For me?”

Kuro flinched.

Wu Yan asked.

“You shifted Bazett’s attention to the Eighth card as a distraction.”

“You got that right.”

Rin snapped her fingers.

"That's why I revealed the eighth, she assumed it is the Seventh card."

"I get it now..."

Mikoto nodded.

"Because she is looking for the seventh card, she might target Kuro if she sniffs her out. So, to keep her in the dark, you said the seventh card is deep underground and that way she won't be the wiser."

"Not just Bazett."

Rin nodded.

"My Master said there are other people after the Cards, they will send out more people to get the cards."

"So you wanted to distract them with misinformation?"

Hinagiku nodded.

"So that's your game plan, huh? Kuro gets to live in peace while you get to lead the attackers around by their noses."

"No, I can't keep her completely out of sight."

Rin sighed.

"Kuro is using the Archer Card as a medium. If she uses the Archer power, she will still be discovered."

"Well, at least we can keep her busy."

Luvia sighed.

"But, you just added a strong foe for us, it's not going to be easy gathering the Eighth Card."

"Well, I am hedging my bets that this is the last foe and they won't send more after us."

Rin took out a piece of paper.

"Look at this."

Rin's words attracted everyone's attention.

"This is..."

Luvia gasped.

"The name list of big shots in the Association."

"The big shots who are after the Class Cards..."

Wu Yan read the name list.

"But, why?"

"As a downpayment for helping her collect the Class Card."

Rin answered.

"The Mage Association knows about the Class Cards and they might send more people after us."

"If we know they're coming, we have the upper hand."

"I can ask Master to stop them in their tracks and delay the deployment of further pursuers."


The people nodded.

"This is a good bargain."

"We shifted Bazett away from Kuro while reducing pursuers on our end."

Rin shrugged.

"But, it's going to make retaking the Eighth Card harder."

"There is a silver lining."

He knocked the table with his fingertips.

"The foe this time will be a Heroic Spirit stronger than we've ever faced before. We need all the hands we can get."

"What do you mean?"

"Think about it."

Wu Yan grinned.

"Bazett is powerful and she has the Fragrach. She will be a great asset to the team."

"We might temporarily lose the Card but she is going to come back for the cards I have anyway."

He chuckled.

"I will rob it from her then. Beats going up against an unknown Heroic Spirit on our own like this."

The ladies rolled their eyes.

However, he had a point. They needed more people for the siege on the Eighth Spirit.

Bazett's Fragarach can't kill Wu Yan and he can end her anytime with the various skills he possesses.

"Kuro doesn't need to go up, right?"

Hinagiku looked at Kuro.

"We can't reveal her Archer powers..."


Kuro lay lazily on the table.

"Why's that?"

"No, not just Kuro."

He said.

"All of you except Hinagiku, Mikoto, and I need to stay behind."


The others gasped.


"It's too dangerous."

He explained.

"You girls are severely unprepared for the upcoming fight."


Rin, Luvia, Illya, and Miyu were speechless.

"I know you all want to join but we need people to stabilize the dragon vein while we fight inside."

He said.

"We will be the vanguards."


Mikoto mumbled.

"This fight is too hard for you girls. Please be our support."

"Yes, look at the bigger picture."

Hinagiku rubbed Illya, Miyu, and Kuro's heads in turn.

"This is for the best."

Rin & the other one turned silent.

"This is the optimal route."

Rin sighed.

"Fine, we will support from behind."


He looked out the window.

"Now, we wait for the excavation to be finished."

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