Shoujo Grand Summoning

Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 1534: 3 10-years-old nuptial candidates?

"Hey, Kuro-chan..."

Illya grumbled after taking another look at Kuro.

"Haven't you hugged enough? It's time you let go."


Kuro hugged Wu Yan's arm tighter.

"Can't I hug Onii-chan's arm?"

"Do you know what is modesty?"

Illya lectured her.

"As a lady, how can you hog a man's arm like that?"

"Why can't I?"

Kuro-chan pointed at couples who walked by.

"Look, they're hugging arms too!"

"They're couples!"

Illya yelled at her.

"Couples can hug."

"Yeah, it's normal for couples to hug."

Kuro-chan rubbed her face on Wu Yan's arm.

"Fine, I want to become Onii-chan's girlfriend!"


Illya's eyes widened.

"Kuro-chan and Wu-Yan-nii..."

Miyu also wavered.

"A couple?"


Her friends also gasped in a mix of shock and intrigue.

"Is this a confession?"

Mimi blushed.

"So bold!"

"Talk about a spicy development!"

Nanaki's mouth turned into an 'O'-shape.

"Kuro-chan targeted Illya, didn't she?"


Tatsuko suddenly yelled out loud.

"This is bad, yo! Kuro-chan's trying to take your Onii-chan!"

"Huh, what, I don't even?..."

Illya stuttered.

"Don't randomly spout something like that."

"I mean, given your reaction, you're not exactly great at hiding your feelings..."

Suzuka commented.

"Plus, you could have deflected it to Miyu."


Tatsuko turned around.

"This is bad, yo! Illya-chan's trying to take your Onii-chan!"

She used a similar line on Miyu.

"Wait, not me! It's Kuro-chan! Kuro!"

Illya used all her strength to yell.

"I won't..."

"Mmhmm, you won't?"

Kuro-chan urged her to go on.

"Why don't you tell us what you have on your mind?"

"I d-don't...'

Illya wanted to say it out loud but she was afraid she might jinx herself. In the end, she stayed silent while smoke came out of her head.

"Okay, girls..."

Wu Yan interrupted them.

"How old are you girls? Isn't there a more appropriate subject?"

"Miyu's brother, please don't treat me like a kid!"

Suzuka puffed her chest out proudly while adjusting her glasses.

"I can write doujins already!"


He laughed out loud.

"Good for you, keep it up."

"But, you're popular."

Mimi admired him.

"Illya, Miyu, and Kuro-chan like you. You ladykiller..."


Miyu gasped because she didn't think someone would call her out.


Illya raised her arm meekly.

"I don't..."

"Oh, right, Miyu's brother..."

Tatsuko asked.

"Who are you going to marry?"


He asked.


Miyu, Illya, and Kuro felt their jaws drop. They blushed at the same time.

"Tell me, I want to know."

Nanaki got excited.

"Is it Illya? Or Kuro? Or, is it your own sister?!"

"Wait, why is my sister on the list too?"

He turned dark.

"Tell me why you think I would tie the knot with one of them?"

"Well, don't mind the small detail."

Suzuka slapped his back.

"Just tell us, it's for academic purposes, who is it going to be?"

The four of them looked at him with fervent eyes.

"Who? Hmm?"

He looked at them.


Kuro mewled.


Miyu lowered her head.

"Uh... I..."

Illya avoided looking at him.

"Hmm... If I had to pick..."

He stopped on Miyu.

"It would be Miyu, I guess."


The four brats yelled at the same time.

"Forbidden love between siblings!"

He silently retorted.

They have no idea he is not only a philanderer, but he has also adopted sisters, and a teacher among his harem.


She blushed a deep red.



Illya looked visibly shakened.


Kuro mewled again.

"Why, not me?"


He explained himself.

"I can't let Miyu out of my sight."


"Why's that?"

Mimi asked.

"She is good at school, can cook, draw, and is athletic. She is almost a perfect model student, why couldn't you relax?"

"Yes, she is perfect and that's why I am worried about her."

He rubbed Miyu's head.

"She isn't good with people. She isn't adept at expressing her emotions."

"So if I had to pick someone, it's Miyu."

He continued.

"That way, I can watch out for her and help her when she stumbles. It seems like a fine way to live to me."

"Looking out for her and supporting her for the rest of your life..."

The four nodded their heads with respect.

"That's a mature way to think..."

"What a kind brother..."

"Mmm, I can feel his sentiment."

"That's solid, yo..."


Miyu looked furtively in his direction.


Kuro, feeling left out and abandoned, tried to salvage her perceived plight.

"I am clumsy too!"

Illya blurted out.

"I don't know how to wash my clothes, or cook, and the maids pick up after me at home. I am helpless!"

"That's not clumsy, that's clumsy..."

Nanaki commented.

"Also, you should probably keep that to yourself, nobody would want to marry a slob..."

"Well, I gave her points for trying."

Suzuka said.

"Illya, why don't you snatch up Miyu's brother for a parental meet?"


Illya huffed.

"Don't tease me!"

The four brats giggled.

Miyu and Kuro-chan lowered their heads.

Illya had parents but these two were without their parents.

This subject hurt them.

He rubbed them while assuring them that they were not alone.

Kuro-chan's parents could be located although the same couldn't be said of Miyu's situation.

He promised himself that he would try to mediate a peaceful resolution between Kuro and Irisviel.

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